Simple Notes On Discussion Topics From 11/30 Meeting Of Alt. Banking Group Sub-Group

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The main idea:


– Institution(s) so great in it’s impact that it could replace current banking system.


      Next Step for institution(s):







– Doesn’t or can it address regulatory and legal issues.

– Geared towards retail, not merchant banking. Does it provide capital to small businesses?

– Where is the educational/empowerment component.

– Can it / isn’t addressing merchant needs?

– Why aren’t credit unions working?

– One answer: Loans are limited to businesses.

– Not well marketed / accessible.

– What will the opposition say?

– What are the non-bank account products / markets that we should be paying attention to — especially when it comes to the working poor.

-Are we addressing predatory lending? (reiterated multiple times)

– note on grameen bank

– how to change the world (book)

– Local / National / Transnational?

– Replicability vs. institutional expansion.

– We’re competing w/ an international banking system — does that mean we have to be an international bank.

– issues with credit cards

– issues with atm fees and that being a reason people don’t switch banks over


Potential things to add/consider:

– Something for businesses, espeically small businesses.

– Something for people to invest their retirements in.

– Democratic process that approximates concensus.


Broader Ideas:

– Allow credit unions to compete with commercial banks?

– Should we feel restrained by regulatory rules? Can we figure out ways to get around them?

– Rolling effect vs. exploding effect (Richard, maybe you can elaborate on this — I’ve forgotten some)

– Open to everyone

– Innovative enough to get people to vote with their checkbook

– Replicability

– alternative currencies

– town in maine

– many models

– some said: not just an alternative currency, but an alternative environment that provides people opportunities

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