September 26, 2012 (agenda/notes)

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September 26, 2012 (agenda/notes)

60 Wall Street


10 in attendance


Proposals-Solidarity with Voters Occupy Noz made presentation group consented.  Occupy The Hood group consented and gave solidarity to and will work with OTH to make ‘Hood Week’ a success events happening October 28-30 . Labor Outreach Committee group consented on Solidarity with Conference of the Occupies-(date to be determined) , Occupy participatory budgeting, Money out of Politics  all consented on. is website  for Getting Money Out of Politic WG. Sunday  5:30pm ending corporate personhood  meets and money out  of politics meets 7pm-Wed, politics and electoral reform 3 pm. Group also consented on anti-Golden Dawn solidarity statement.

Jelanie gave presentation on Jay-Z and his connection to Brooklyn as it relates to ‘Occupying’ Barclays

Carlos will bottomline anti-Spectra Pipeline Action.

19$ collected went toward Metrocard for Outreach

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