September 21, 2012 (agenda/notes)

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September 21, 2012 (agenda/notes)

Liberty Plaza

20 people present at beginning of meeting, 25 signed attendance list




Reportbacks/Announcement-Ali Stop and Frisk, AM-Transit, Justin-Occupy Trinity, Puppet Guild,  Sean-S17, Malu-Stop the Drug War, Omar-Occupy University, Jelanie-Bum Rush the Vote. George Martinez-Hood Week/Occupy Barclays

Proposal to show solidarity with Occupying the Pipeline consented on.

What brought you to Occupy Wall Street? Attendees all gave reasons of what brought them to OWS..

Actions Beyond S-17-Occupy Barclay Center September 27-29th, Golden Farms, Occupy the Pipeline

Open Floor/Soap Box-What brought you to Occupy Wall Street and what would you suggest OWS should do to grow and become more effective?

Important Action Dates/Ongoing actions

Golden Farm-Daily Boycott 4pm-7pm Monday-Friday and 10-8 Saturdays and Sundays

Occupy Barclays-September 27th-29TH

Occupy Barclays- -riding subways playing guitar from Trinity to Barclay . Thursday 12pm subway- Danielle-New Haven-Occupy Guitarmy

Community Safety Meeting Thursday 11:30pm   Age Patterson

Register to Revolt -Thursday 20 Jay Street 7pm in Dumbo Suite 214

Furee Convention Saturday 12-4

Spectra Pipleline Fracking-

Verizon Boycott

Hoodweek-last week of October

National Presidential Elections-November 6th

Conference of the Occupies-November 15-16


Continual/Long term Actions-Group ideas from last assembly:

Dialogue/Think Tank-Sandy (Continual Presence at Liberty Plaza)

Community needs assessment-Jelani block by block organizing Human Resource management as George Martinez-solidarity in neighborhoods…breaking down blocks by blocks controlling occu-block assessment

Bum Rush The Vote-George/Jelanie

(Ending the War on Drugs)-Malu-organzing November 6,?  National Election the right to vote is under attack-

Occupying the National Election:

Voter Solidarity-Challenge the True the Vote people, defend the right to vote, Teach people the power they possess. Set up kitchen….  Sean

Voters Occupy-Noz

Media citizen journalist network/Grasswork Media Working group- Omar-

Occupy Subways, Outreach-Robert

Occupy participatory budgeting- Bill from Occupy Queens(Jackson Heights)…

Beyond S17-(connecting community based GA’s to their community)-10 Point Plan-Sumumba

Personal Testimonies-Walks out into the community –Social Conscious Marches- Bill from OSI

Stop and Frisk-Julie and Ali

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