September 20, 2013 Post S-17 Assembly Notes

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September 20, 2013

60 Wall Street

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba/

Introductions/ House- keeping/ -Brief overview  of OE

Focus of Assembly was S17 Summation-Given by all in the group, Sumumba gave overview of S-17 (Zuccotti Park) and estimated about 600-800 people came into park throughout the entire day. Negatives about the day-Not enough outreach done on a city-wide level, Press Conference poorly facilitated (both self-critiques from Sumumba). Positives of DAY-well attended and positive direct action in front of McDondald’s across from Zuccotti Park, Well attended Press Conference and teach ins in the park and very well attended Assembly at night. Carlos and other gave summation of TPP march and rally which were generally positive and about 200-300 attended Anti-TPP action.  The Money Warz action was viewed negatively without much movement participation, Robin Hood action went well according to participants with about 750-1200 in attendance. Moreland Commission action at PACE attended primarily by Occupiers views were neutral on it. Whereas some members weren’t allowed in.

Open talked mostly about the day and next steps/actions which include Minimum/Living Wage Action October 24th-Which group consented to doing.

Close Meeting

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