September 14, 2012 (Notes)

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September 14, 2012 (agenda)

Liberty Plaza

11 people present at beginning of meeting



Reportbacks/Announcements- Accounting, NYCGA-Naz, Sandy both made brief announcements working on proposal for NYCGA.  Stop and Frisk-Ali-Blow your whistle campaign, successful thus far. Mexican Peace Caravan-Malu reportback over 200 people attended event in Liberty Square also succeesful march in Harlem.  S17 Updates-Sumumba-everything in place for  S-17 Schedule is 9:00am-10:00am-Red Monday-Global Divestment Day –Teach In (Location T.B.A) 10:00pm-Occupying the Subways-To Jackson Heights,12:00pm  Union Square , 5:00pm-6:00pm  Labor Assembly on S-17?

What brought you to Occupy Wall Street? Attendees all gave reasons of what brought them to OWS.

OE Roles for S-17-Bill would maintain presence at Liberty throughout the day, the rest of group would Occupy the Subways and follow schedule for day.

Beyond S-17-Occupy Barclay Center September 27-29th discussed. Group consented on being present for actions last week. Fundraising, Conference of the Occupies, Anniversaries of Community Based Occupies all briefly discussed.

Open Floor/Soap Box-What brought you to Occupy Wall Street and what would you suggest OWS should do to grow and become more effective?

47$ collected/29$ to metrocard-$18-to miscellanious

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