September 13, 2013 Assembly Notes

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September 13, 2013

60 Wall Street

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba/

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection 35$ -Brief overview  of OE

Focus of Assembly was S17 Schedule which is as follows:


8:00-9:00am-Occupy For Fast Food Workers (McDonald’s Across Street from Zuccotti)

10:00-Opening Ceremony Reconnecting with the 99% Press Event

Occupy Activist of Honor  Award Presentation recipients:

Lynn Stewart, Bill Perry, Chelsea Manning (Bradley Manning), Jitu Weusi , Bill Johnsen

Release of Occupy Finance Book-Cathy O’Neill (Alternative Banking Working Group of Occupy Wall Street)

The People’s Agenda-/Support for Golden Farm and Fast Food Workers  Sumumba Sobukwe(Occu-Evolve of Occupy Wall Street)

Money Out Of Politics-Micheal Perlman (OWS Media Group)

Solidarity with Striking teachers in Mexico- Malú Huacuja del Toro (OWS Zapatistas)

Robin Hood Tax-Bill Gallagher(National Nurses Group)

SUCCESSION RIGHTS-Miss Kay Samuels- Occupy NYCHA/Scott Hutchins

NDAA/NSA Reportbacks-Chris Hedges(Journalist/Author)

Stop/Stop and Frisk/ Attacks on youth of color-Jose LaSalle/Families of Police Violence(Stop Stop and Frisk Freedom Fighters

Save Our Post Offices-Chuck Zlatkin New York Metro Area Postal Union, APWU

Exposing HSBC-America’s Drug Cartel and Terror Bank-Everette Stern-HSBC Whistleblower

Special Honor and Recognition of Occupy Zuccotti (Liberty Park) Group

11:00am-Occupy Wall Street Speakout and RALLY**

11:30am-No Bombing in, or War with, Syria- Teach In-Eileen Bardel (Peace Action of Staten Island)/Joe Lombardo(Bethleham For Peace)

12:00pm-HSBC America’s Terror and Drug Cartel Bank-Everette Stern HSBC Whistleblower

12:30-1:00pm-Assembly for the 99%

1:00pm-How To Fight The Empire While Keeping Your Day Job-Dan Kinch

1:30PM (Workplace and COMMUNITY ORGANIZING/Golden and Occupy Kensington)-Eleanor Rodgers

2:00PM–Labor teach in-Marty Goodman-Labor Outreach Committee of OWS/Occu-Evolve (OWS)


3:00pm-Alternative Banking-Teach IN-Sumumba Sobukwe/Ale-Alternative Banking Working Group/Occu-Evolve (OWS)

3:30pm-Education Teach In

4:00-4:45 Stop, Stop and Frisk/Mass Incarceration-Ale, Jully Ally and Travis Morales-Stop, Stop and Frisk/Stop Mass Incarceration


5:00pm-Join Robin Hood Tax March (starting at UN)

6:00pm-Join Money Out of Politics Action @Moreland Commission Town Hall (Pace University)


8:00pm-99%City-Wide Justice Assembly For the 99%

*Some teach ins/event subject to change*



8AM -11AM: The People’s Puppets Celebrate S17 : 2013

8:30 AM: Money Wars Performers Gather for Morning Performance and March (open to all)

8:30AM-10AM:  Financial District March: No Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)! No Fast Track!

11AM-12: Noon March from Zuccotti Park to Washington Square (gather in Zuccotti @ 10)

NOON: Rally @ Washington Square – No to TPP! Money Out of Politics! Global Solidarity!

2 PM: Money Warz TPP Street Theater in Times Square and Midtown Offices Protest March ( Fox News, Pfizer, Phillip Morris and more!)

5PM: Robin Hood Tax Rally and March – 47th Street between 2nd and 1st

5PM: People’s Exchange (Wall Street)

6PM: Separation of Corporation and State -Pace University, 1 Pace Plaza (east of City Hall)

6:30PM: Reclaim History: First Nations’ Message, Walk to African Burial Ground, Vigil for Peace (Start from One Bowling Green)

Open Discussion-.

Close Meeting

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