Sept meeting declaration

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hi everyone —

Happy OWS year 2!  we’re coming off a pretty crazy week after our bronx
occupation and concert last week.  if you didn’t see, please
check it out.  it’s a recording of the last song of Guitarmy/ Morello/
everyone of “which side are you on” featuring Jello Biafra, Michelle
Shocked, the Chapins and more.  the stage was packed — everyone who wanted
to sing or play did just that.

onto the agenda for tonight:

– discussion of OWS MWG goals for year 2
– discussion of OWS MWG community guidelines for year 2
– the Jay Z action next friday S28.…
– outreach and expansion of our group, including membership and rotating

so come by!  thursdays at 60 wall will be our winter schedule..


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