“Riots” of Compassion – Revolution of Renovation – The Integration of Practical Public Service

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Tangible Change – Positive Action

We have incredible power to make positive tangible change.  One of the criticisms by people not involved in our movement are the large numbers of people just sitting around with signs or occupying themselves with hacky sack or other distractions.  We can circumvent these criticisms, draw huge press coverage and make a serious impact on our world by engaging in public service outreach projects in our occupy cities.  500 people donating 4 hours per day to a public service project amounts to 2,000 man hours per day, 10,000 hours per week…40,000 man hours per month.

Imagine the impact on New York City Housing Authority Project Low Income Properties and their residents when 500 volunteers show up with paint and supplies to  remove graffiti, repaint and repair their residences and surrounding areas.  The same applies to inner city schools, parks and neighborhoods.  What a practical, positive impact we can have on thousands of deserving lives in the cities we occupy.

What better way to show unselfish caring than by investing in those who do not have the resources or time to help themselves.  We can create “Riots” of Compassion and found a Revolution of Renovation,  improving peoples’ lives and environment.

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