Restricted Diets (Alternate Kitchen) Minutes, 1/12/2012

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Diets (Alternate Kitchen)  Minutes,

delayed an hour and relocated to Charlotte’s Place to comply with requirements)


  • Ibraheem
  • Katrina
  • Alice
  • Apollo
  • Ice


agrees to take minutes.

Use of money, what it can be used for.

The $100/day (that finance is open) can be used for Metro cards, food, etc.

Provided information about an affinity group, Food Justice. It is affiliated
with PETA and thus presumably more pro-vegan, but also may be of interest to
some of us in Restricted Diets. Justin Wedes is a contact person for that
group, and the group may be able to offer assistance to Restricted
Diets/Alternate Kitchen.

Reminded the group that Restricted Diets/Alternate Kitchen is not a sustainability
group and not for people whose only dietary restriction is being vegan.


Provided information on how Outreach can be of assistance to Restricted
Diets/Alternate Kitchen, clarifying with IB that the costs of printing such
information is already included in the Outreach budget, not the Restricted
Diets/Alternate Kitchen’s budget.

Apollo also suggested that RD/AK
request a cabinet to be placed in S.I.S. for the group to be able to access
donated foods and/or foods the group purchases in bulk at a lower cost.

Clarified that such a request be made to the community at large, not from a
specific working or affinity group.

Suggested we can request a refrigerator as well, and we can request specific

Also a way to gain public awareness of us and perhaps food for us is to contact
Food Network and/or Culinary programs/schools in the NYC area to
sponsor/organize food challenges, either including the RD/AK needs’ while
preparing food for the Occupiers overall, or for exclusively the Occupiers with
specific dietary restrictions/food intolerances.

Offer food and cosmetic supplies for people who have allergic _; that it
affects skin which could affect self-image; also, we can create an Affinity
Group for vegans.

Medical, Allergic, and low tolerance are examples of eligibility for receiving
funds/food from Restricted Diets/Alternate Kitchen.

Suggested that RD/AK have two types of members, those with the restricted
dietary needs, and those that are supporting the cause.

Suggested that the members supporting the efforts RD/AK can also create their
own working group.

How to plug in

Buying food-type gift cards, such as to Subway, so that the receipts for the
gift cards are easily manageable and able to turn into finance, compared to
having to locate the active members, get receipts from them, etc.

The Kitchen’s about to offer a brunch rather than a breakfast and lunch. If
RD/AK works with Kitchen, a possibility is food could be made by the cooks,
kept in a separate container, then one of the RD/AK members would be
responsible for serving it @ 60 Wall to the RD/AK members needing the alternate
food. Brunch is expected between 10:30-11ish a.m., and Dinner 6-6:30ish, both
at 60 Wall St (The Atrium).

Ice suggested that RD/AK come up
with an action plan, organize the food needed, work with the food preparers,
have a point person working with kitchen, organize a menu, then it’d be
delivered to 60 Wall.

& Ice: Suggested instead of the daily money from Finance, we can request
approval from GA for a weekly bulk amount of money. Ice explained he has access
to purchasing produce wholesale for about 10-12 cents/lb compared to the retail

price via Hunts Point.

Suggestion: RD/AK provide kitchen with a Q&A sheet about diet restrictions.
We can also set up an account with Kitchen so that the money we allocate to be
spent on such wholesale purchases can be easily accounted for.

With an option of being able to make own meals using fridge.

Daily Menu. Have a Q & A about members’ dietary restrictions, deliver to
kitchen the list, account for all money spent.

Confirmed currently there are 4 people now on restricted diets, in addition to
the three people Katrina knows of that are interested in joining.


For the long-term, I can provide the food options for the evening, Katrina can
provide the morning food options; then together we can both go to finance to
turn in the $100 worth of receipts.

meeting will be Thursday, 1/19/2012, 3:00-4:30 p.m. at Charlotte’s Place.

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