Report back from SC and “minutes” from 1/25/12

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Minutes in quotes because there was a very brief meeting with PJ, Oddah and Mel G.

All of us were ok with the new meeting times of Sunday from 5-7, and Tuesday from 6-7:30.

We spoke briefly about some of the community wide stuff like the spending freeze, the formation of a new feminist DA, an update on mediation between various groups and Housing.   No date has been picked for this since last Saturday didn’t work out.

We updated each other on changes in the number of SC meetings, and the spending freeze in GA.

We also briefly caught up about the coordinators meetings, which PJ says haven’t been happening since the holiday break.

At SC last night, Housing passed a proposal stating that they will continue to occupy churches for only one more week.  And that all violent people will no longer be allowed in the churches as of today.  Jeff is no longer a point person not will present any more proposals for housing (he was presenting last night).  And the mediation will continue to be pursued between the various groups.  Mediators are working out scheduling issues.

2 Responses to “Report back from SC and “minutes” from 1/25/12”

  1. Yoni Miller

    Hmm, several people asked me about where the Feminist DA was meeting, during their meeting times, and I couldn’t find any groups, any updates on that? I’d love to get involved, 😀

    I think I’ll get more involved with WOW as well, as I see it’s becoming more and more necessary, given the oppressive sexist nature of a few individuals at OWS, and more importantly, because when we expand, many people, both men and women are going to be entering in, with traces of the structural sexism from our society.

  2. Melanie

    Hi Yoni, and welcome. Fem DA is a project of the Direct Action Working Group. It did not come out of WOW. You might want to post about it in DA.