Repairing our Crumbling Infrastructure

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Infrastructure: Supporting America’s Future

Given all the problems facing the 99%, why we need to fix America’s infrastructure?

Consider the opinion of national experts.  The American Society of Civil Engineers reported in its 2009 “Report Card” that the U.S. needed to spend at least $2.2 Trillion in the next 5 years to fix our crumbling national infrastructure.[1]

In the American Society of Civil Engineers’ July 2011 report, Failure to Act: The Economic Impact of Current Investment Trends in Surface Transportation Infrastructure,[2] recent research showed the dire economic effects of failing to act.  The report our deteriorating surface transportation infrastructure alone will cost the American economy more than 870,000 jobs, and suppress our Gross National Product by $897 billion by 2020.  Of these jobs lost, the majority will be in “high-value, professional, business and medical sectors” that are so important to our “knowledge-based” economy.  Failing to fix our surface transportation infrastructure will undercut the competitiveness of U.S exports, by $28 billion.   This is something that hurt our children and their ability to get ahead.

According to Fareed Zarakia, the moderate political commentator, Obama’s current proposal only addresses 1/10 of our infrastructure needs.[3]  That’s why a more expansive program is necessary.

Improving the U.S.’ infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and flood control, will help provide jobs and better quality of life for the 99%.  We will not only help grow our economy, but such a project will also help to save lives, as such an investment protects the safety of all Americans.






[3]    Fareed Zakaria,”Where Obama’s jobs bill falls short,” Washington Post, Opinion,

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