Regular Meeting Minutes: 1/4/2012

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Regular Meeting Minutes: 1/4/2012

Pressing Point that couldn’t wait
Meeting changes:  Please respect the previously agreed timing (3 days’ notice) for moving meetings.  It was noted that not everyone gets this information timely and it needs to be posted on with 3 days’ notice.


FDA – A direct action sub group for Feminists is forming.  All are encouraged to participate!

NY Women’s Liberation visited us and shared info about their upcoming action.  [Thanks Brook and Katie for coming and sharing this information in person!]

NY Women’s Liberation is holding a Direct Action January 12, 2012 to support women’s unrestricted access to the Morning After Pill in a Speak-out (mic check) in front of the HHS office 26 federal plaza.  ‘This is to protest HHS’s outrageous and unprecedented decision to overrule the Food and Drug Administration’s recommendation to expand access to the Morning-After-Pill (MAP) to women of all ages.  They are calling for participants, testimonies, spread the word about this to the world (tweet, post to facebook, etc); attend the action; help make signs; testify (in person or written anonymous statement) about experience in trying to access MAP

More info:

FB Event:

Here are things we will do to help (more if personally able):

  • Forward the info by email to FDA – [Kathleen will forward]
  • Post the event to the WOW calendar & within our own networks – [Ris will post]
  • Attend 1/12 if we are individually able!


Media subgroup
Set up a doodle to figure out a good meeting time – Ris will set this up

Alt Locations
Suggestion is to set up a doodle to evaluate alt locations in case 60 wall is closed and possibly a site near the Church on Spokes’ Council Nights.  – Ris will set this up using Amelia’s list of places; please send additional suggestions

Letters to government officials
Like – sparkle – twinkle… But, we need someone to draft this and bring back to the group… Any takers?  The group is so open to collaborating/editing but this needs a bottom liner… anyone to even start with an outline…

  • It was noted that a couple of us would stand aside of any actions that use blue bra iconography

Non-inclusiveness with respect to the statement of solidarity with women in Egypt
We discussed that not all marginalized individuals were identified in this statement:  solidarity with women protesters in egypt omits / does not include all female identified / bodied / assigned individuals and, as a caucus that includes female identified / bodied / assigned individuals, they should be top of mind for us. The statement was drafted to address a specific event that appeared in the main stream media (MSM).  That does not diminish the situation of all individuals, even tho not identified in the statement, but to not recognize them is an omission that perpetuates some of the social constructs we hope to topple.

We discussed the importance of this and the sensitive political situation.  We recognize that there may be a parallel way to deal with this in collaboration with other Caucuses.  Here’s what was discussed and actions we’ll take:

  • Inclusion of all identities within this Caucus is something to be aware of in all our discussions, statements, actions, and in life
  • An amendment / update may not be appropriate given the political situation
    • We are able to ‘fight’ at that level.. others are not… this, and the political ramifications, is something we must be sensitive to..
    • We might consider a Parallel Statement / Action / Discussion that covers the issues. ie: we are able to fight at that level/other are not.. this is the issue: that our sisters and brothers are unable to speak for themselves – we can; there is injustice in this world.. we might not be fully free but we are freer than others.  What can we do to acknowledge the injustice in this world, in our environment and the unconscionable injustice that sisters and brother in even more repressive states face…
    • We hope to collaborate with LGBTIQA2Z (and POC?) on this
    • Ris, Janet and Kathleen agreed to be a core group to work on this
    • Ris will reach out to contacts at LGBTIQA2Z, Razor, including Janet and Kathleen to start to discuss
    • Brainstorm: sit ins.. silence ins… dance ins… other actions  (statements ?)…

Idea for an All Caucus Meeting / Gathering

  • Get together as caucuses for a Workshop confronting privilege in women’s organizing
  • Include other WGs like:  POC, OWS en Espanol, immigrant WG, Anti Racism Allies
  • Mel B, Ris, Janet, Kathleen have volunteered to support this – anyone else??
  • This should be a subgroup to sort out next steps… outreach to these groups… timing… location…
  • Add to next agenda… start a sub group for this

Recommended reading
Private Danny Chen, and why I will never again reach out to OWS about something that matters to me


  • How do working groups / OWS share info, coordinate, learn from what worked /what didn’t
  • Feel a need for more sharing of best practices amongst ourselves…
  • But, how…. Tech (some things are developing), in person….. something to work on….

Then we dispersed and some of us went to Spokes where our Mel facilitated (it was a beautiful spokes!)

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