Questions for Liberty Plaza survey, as submitted to Town Planning

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As a note for the town planning census: I think there should be questions
asked to the people sleeping in the park, as well as the different working
groups that require space. - Kendra

It is clear that the use of tents has changed the way the park functions,
in terms of active space during the day and security issues at night. Do
you have any ‘good neighbor’ suggestions that might alleviate some of
these personal and public space issues within the park?
- realistic day to day functional suggestions
- what’s your vision of the park: if this park were to undergo a drastic
make over, how do you see it working

What is the square footage of the area that you slept in last night? (You
can just give an estimate for the width across in both directions)

How many people stayed in this sleeping area last night?

Is the area covered with a tarp?

What is covering the ground beneath your sleeping area?

Where did you last wash your hands?

Where did you last shower?

Are you using a cellphone at the park?

Are you using a laptop at the park?

Are you proud of the way the park looks? Why or why not?

What would you like to see more of in the park?

What would you like to see less of?

- What activities other than sleeping do you think need shelter?

- Do you think that a variety of activities could be sheltered under the
shame roof? (ie. sleeping during the night and providing OWS services
during the day)

- How do you feel about a mixed-use communal shelter in relation to
individual or single-use solutions?

Do you identify as male or female?
Do you feel safe at night?
If no, what could make the night safer?
Are you sleeping in a tent?
Would you like to see more or less tents?
Do you have your belongings in the park?
Do you intend to stay when it gets colder?
What would help you deal with the cold?
Where do you go to the toilet? (daytime/night-time)

Did you feel safe while sleeping in the park?

Did you have a place to store your belongings while sleeping in the park?

Where are you using the toilet?

Do you know your neighbors (people sleeping near you) in the park? (Either
within your own tent/tarp, or in the tents/tarps near yours.)

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