Queering OWS Working Group Minutes – 3/3/2012

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Queering OWS Working Group Meeting – 2/3/2012

9 in attendance

This was the first meeting of a new LGBT+ working group, and focused mainly on defining the group and its relationship to the caucus and other groups.

Action and consensus items marked with a +

Report Backs
– Justin gives Queer Caucus report backs
– Justin and Chyno have been going to spokes
– Working with Tif and Jenn to set up Queering OWS as a working group
– Caucus and Working Groups are different things. Caucus is representation at spokes council. A working group gets benefits from OWS (metro cards, etc)
– Need to set up Queering OWS working group at DA

– Three distinct communities, Caucus, Queering, and Direct Action

– How do we keep people coming back?
– Some people may want to be more active with other aspects of their identity or interests.
Meeting times:
– LGBTIQA2Z Caucus 2pm Saturdays at Liberty
+ Queering OWS 4pm 60 Wall St – Consensus on time
– Other groups, Queer & Trans DA

– Need to outreach to Queer & Trans DA

– Make meetings lighter so we can participate in more.

– Need ideas to gain participation of women.

– How we do work in bigger projects between groups? For example, bring together a list of issues to the solutions cluster.

– We need spokes councils representation, Mondays and Wednesdays
– Each person can only spoke once a week
– Need a sign up calendar for spokes.

– Need point people for metrocards and ows services

– Mission statement for the group

Upcoming events:

– March 17th Occupy Hunger, asking for a speaker from the gay community. Theme is economic injustice and hunger.

– May 1st, May Day committee wants our participation. There will be a glow march at night. Emphasis the celebratory side of May Day. At Liberty Square there will be cultural events and celebrations.

– Planing for Bayard Rustin’s birthday

– Post office action on March 17th
Queering OWS Mission Statement

– Work on draft mission statement, on-line and get started here, for future consensus
+ Keep it short. Consensus
– We’re queer here, we’re queer, you’re still not used to it, so we act
– Eradicate oppression, marginalization, economic injustice based on sexual orientation and gender identity through, outreach, education, and direct action in community.
– Bringing our message and our tools of engagement to the 99%.
– To bring people into the movement, make them into occupiers
+ Consensus on these points, and to spend the week working these into a draft


Creating a resource document for people who may need help with shelter and survival.

+ Create an online document to contribute to.
– http://queerows.wordpress.com/occupying/ can serve as a starting point. This document is in bad need of updating.
A list of group concerns and issues:

– Housing for homeless queer and trans
– We need to reflect a comprehensive image of our community, we have diverse backgrounds and issues.
– International issues
– Pushing for gay rights
– Community support, individual and collective, removing obstacles to people achieving their full potential


At this point the meeting was ended when a disruptor came to where we were meeting and began yelling at the group.




2 Responses to “Queering OWS Working Group Minutes – 3/3/2012”

  1. justinstoned

    Awesome meeting folks well up until our Drunken Community Member stumbled up thinking it was the #LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Meeting that needed to be stopped. After the group left the person continued to rage at me personally for well over a hour accusing me of Sexism & of stealing the caucus.

    Aside from the anger the person does make one really good point about the lack of participation of women.

    Both the Caucus & #Queering #OWS have been discussing this since before the eviction with no solution or progress so far.

    I might suggest the Women of our Community join the conversation either in our Caucus or this WG or in the wider OWS community instead of us Gay Guys & Trans folks attacking one another about the lack of lesbians at our meetings.

    Thanks again for reminding me why #Occupy is worth standing in the cold & being yelled at by your allies/ friends. I’m not sure what I’d do without the support of our community at #OWS.

    • Katherine A Flowers

      You know you always have my support even if your wrong. ~Grin~ Anybody going to post who received the metro cards that were handed to Chyno so that we have transparency and that you believe in the process that you supported me in accepting as a friendly amendment durning spokes.