Queering OWS Working Group Minutes – 06-10-12

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Talked about occupride and pinkbloq

Joe brought a bunch of pink bandanas that sparked a discussion attire for occupride specificity bandanas

Strong sentiment expressing desire to keep occupride on message with queer issues and not generic occupy. Also we don’t want to make a big occuscene and get our spot in the march revoked

But at the same time WELLS FARGO SPONSORS PRIDE!! Citibank at@t coca-cola

Discussion of vulgarity in our messaging, pride has a lotofkids. But pride is pride, when did it become a family event

Pink washing — corporations using the queer community to make themselves look egood by doing things like sponsoring pride

Proposals for things to do at pride

Glitter bomb the corporate tables and hand out infonabout the corporations

Turn off Christopher street and walk to Zuccotti

Setting up stable at pride info fair, maybe goin with act-up. Costs $200

Who wants pride marshall training? Must submit name to them. It’s on Tuesday

Must be careful with press release, pride is sponsored by corporations, corporations don’t like ows

Police! First pride since occupy
Talk about police

Discussion of outreach: what to pass out

Shame tour of corporate sponsor tables

Queer GA after pride?

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