Queer OWS Working Group Minutes – 3/10/2012

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Queer OWS 3/10/2012

7 in attendance

– Mission statement, GA accouncement
– Chistopher St / W Village action
– Safer Spaces outreach
– List of shelters
Group Name:
+ Queer OWS : Consensus

Mission statement:
– Queer OWS seeks to eradicate oppression, marginalization, and economic injustice based on sexual orientation and gender identity through, outreach, education, and direct action.
+ Consemsus

GA Annoucement
+ Planned for Tuesday 10/13
+ Joe and Tif to work on paperwork

Chistopher St / W Village action
– costume or something identifying to wear?
– info table in park and/or pier? when its warmer

Safer Spaces Outreach
+ Sean will call to get training and info on dealing with descalation
– After the meeting a genderqueer man from descalation came by the group (we didn’t know he was in descalation) and we discussed these issues and ideas for handling them.

List of Shelters
+ Sean provided list of shelters. Joe will scan and post to blog.

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