Public Meeting Minutes 1/20/12

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Accounting open meeting minutes january 20th
BRian facilitation
Elaine legal
Brett facilitation
Agenda items:
item 1 facilitation – fund freeze terms funds for spokes
item 2 nan – spokes should be outside
Brian from facilitation requests meeting with accounting about freeze re spokes
Christine: can do a meeting but won’t be allowed to make decisions until brought back to accounting as a working group
Nan takes issue with private meeting
christine points out that nan would get exactly same treatment if she requested meeting
Item 1
Freeze of spokes rent
Brian: yesterday facilitation meeting discussed with GA proposal presenter what original intent
Brett: he said prior expenditures not frozen by proposal

christine: the way proposal has been clarified is that continuing weekly budgets are frozen except for explicitly stated things like kitchen etc……. spokes and facilitation not exempted
the ones that the ga wanted excluded from proposal were discussed and the facilitation spokes budget not mentioned therefor not exempt
Nan: I helped right proposal…yay if people in spokes council felt strongly they should have been there and made this an issue as part of the GA proposal process when freze was consensed…spokes not special

Christine we can have a break out later

Item 2 Spokes should be outside
Facilitation brian and brett and elaine leave
Nan: not fair that people have to freeze to participate in GA while sokes living like 1 %
the spokes need to be out on the street like ga they are not special
the spokes said originally that inside spaces would be found for spokes but no representation of how long that inside status would last
the spokes is usurping power from ga but sokes for me is just a way to splitt the people apart. both ga and spokes should be on equal footing.
Brian: why not bring ga inside
Christine: this is not anything that accounting can decide on but we do work iwth all groups according to the same set of rules, that includes facilitation and spokes.
meeting closed:

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