Proprosal For a Document Preamble

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couldn’t meet up with the group that worked on the preamble

but composed a vision based on my time at the occupy that might work as a preamble:

Based on the chains that have been placed around all of us.   And must be broken for any of us to live a happy life.   We assemble and continue to assemble in occupations Nationwide.   Learning how to coexist peacefully in worlds where we are free to be ourselves without fear and live in unision to change the malevolent structures of the world we of the occupation have left behind but that we must mobilize within in order to form a movement of like minded beings linked in one powerful Endeavour to raise humankind into a world we can all claim as our own.
We fight for a successful Solidarity.

2 Responses to “Proprosal For a Document Preamble”

  1. Jordan Soreff

    Love the underlying message, but would like to try and move away from confrontational language. By that I mean words such as,… chains, malevolent, mobilize, fight… I would like to think not so much that we are starting a war, but rather that we are trying to raise the consciousness of the global community, educating, discussing, engaging, etc…
    In Solidarity, @Jordan

  2. commonsense

    Jordan, Is it possible that the extra/uber pacifying language which you object to may equate to appeasement, and actually belie literal murderous and depriving crimes against humanity that have, and are, being perpetrated by the corporate right against humanity? Is not the consciousness of most of the 99% of the global community sufficiently raised; by mere recognition of their own abused circumstances, and it is merely the 1% who are prey to their own base animal natures, compounded by the great financial rewards which reinforce their predation? I sense that you imagine OWS playing the part of the lamb which is attempting reason to dissuade the lion from eating it. Is reality still a component of this consideration?