Proposed: The People’s Treasury Global Banking Network Mission Statement (please consider and provide feedback, to be discussed in the next meeting)

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The People’s Treasury Global Banking Network

Mission Statement:

All of our banks and credit unions throughout the world will be created to serve a common purpose: to transform the current system of international banking into a new system which will genuinely and verifiably be responsible, transparent, accountable, selfless, just, decentralized, competitive, efficient, and directly democratic. Our banks and credit unions will seek to serve the People in the manner in which they feel will best secure their safety and happiness. To accomplish this, we will adhere to the following principles and policies:

1. All financial leaders within our banks and credit unions will be elected by the general population within the region they serve. Each person within the area we serve will have one vote and one voice. Influence in elections will not be for sale. All candidates will have an equal opportunity to communicate their campaign message and seek election regardless of their socio-economic status. Financial leaders will be subject to recall elections at any given time. Their salary will be determined by the People they serve. The People will decide what range of income leaders may receive. The center of this range will be equal to the average income of the people they serve (including those who are unemployed and those who are homeless) in order to provide financial leaders with an incentive to improve quality of life for all. The actual salary within this range which leaders receive will be determined by the level of approval the People within their region have for their performance as economic leaders. Once elected, all financial leaders of our banks and credit unions will take an oath of office to the People they serve and will be compelled to uphold that oath under penalty of perjury.

2. The People we serve will determine how the interest accrued from the loans we make with their savings will be used and how our overall lending strategy will accomplish the People’s goals for their community and their world. This will be accomplished with a ballot initiative and referendum system similar to other forms of direct democracy used in political systems around the world. Financial leaders, above all else, will seek to implement the People’s will. They will be held rigorously accountable for their success or failure in that effort. They will not attempt to impose their will on the People. No financial leader will be allowed to use their position as a leader to serve their own personal interests or the interests of their friends, relatives, or associates at the expense of the People.

3. Our banks and credit unions will work together cooperatively and competitively to:

a. Improve quality of life for the People within the regions we serve.
b. Reduce the People’s cost of living.
c. Achieve a sustainable and ethical way of life locally and globally.
d. Continuously increase household savings.
e. Promote innovation.
f. Apply emerging technologies.
g. Provide a system of free on the job training which will create a pathway to a rewarding and enjoyable career for all, with the overall goal of successful and ethical small business ownership for everyone who desires to run their own business and is capable of doing so.
h. Develop and improve trade and commerce locally, nationally, and globally.
i. Eliminate trade imbalances and deficits.
j. Reduce or eliminate our customer’s costs of banking (including elimination of all for-profit transaction fees beyond the actual cost of the transaction).

4. In order to encourage independence, decentralization, self-determination, responsibility, and accountability, no bank within the network will accept federal funding or participate in the Federal Reserve fractional banking system. Nor will they be FDIC insured. Instead, each People’s Treasury will be insured by the community which they serve.

5. We will pursue these goals with the intention of fulfilling the will of the People within each and every region our banks and credit unions service to the best of our ability. However, we will defer to the will of the People if they choose to alter or abolish any of our policies or practices.

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  1. Gabriel McMillan

    Here are some new ideas I’ve been working on. This is a link to Articles of Incorporation I wrote for a non-profit organization called The Humboldt Bay Tsunami Planning Foundation:

    I hope this document will be of assistance to you in developing a new global banking system, since this organization is actually also a non-profit, directly democratic investment bank in disguise. I’m still only in the start-up phase, so I can’t offer you much information about how this organization will actually perform once we fully put these ideas into practice. For now, its a concept that still needs substantial initial funding and broad support from the community before its worth can be proven. I’m confident though that this idea will catch on quickly once it gets off the ground. Any advice, feedback, or assistance that any of you could offer would be very welcome. We’re also looking for Board Members if any of you think you might move to the West Coast in the near future. After this project, I intend to focus exclusively on modifying our local economy and financial system.

    I hope you are all doing well. I wish you profound success in your efforts to create a better world. Thank you for all of your hard work.