Proposed Rules for Managing Email Lists at #OWS

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  1. All email addresses belong to one or more lists. Lists (or groups) exist because a Working Group approved by the spokescouncil has created them. WG’s can create up to 5 groups.
  2. NO ONE has the right to add an email address from one group to another from outside the WG framework. (In other words, Outreach WG can add you to another Outreach WG list if they have your email; but they cannot take an email address from Media WG – not even with Media WG’s permission.
  3. Email lists are not discussion lists. They are designed for one way broadcasting with information or a call to action. Calls to action usually include a link. Emails to lists should follow certain basic rules, and all WG’s commit to observing these rules as a condition of access to the software that uses the lists.
  4. These rules are:
    1. Appropriately frequent emails. Anyone added to a list should have an idea of how frequently they will be messaged. All lists should be explicit about how often they will be used.
    2. Must include an unsubscribe link to that particular list.
    3. Must include information about who is sending the email (an individual, a WG, a task force, an event, a project) and a clear link to a page that describes the list and its purpose.
    4. Language must be clean: spelling, grammar, profanity, etc. Every email sent by a WG is partially representing the #occupy movement.
    5. All manual additions to a list must receive an opt in (better) or opt out (minimum) email when they are added.
  5. All WG’s that receive appropriate training may have the email addresses from registration. (an appropriate protocol needs to be developed. (Info on the site should state explicitly that registering will cause them to be included in the WG list related to the group they are joining.
  6. Some WG’s will have the responsibility of managing special lists. These lists are special because the movement as a whole will funnel people to join them even if those people are not interested in being active with the specific WG. To be added to this list, the Communications Cluster must approve.
    1. Press/Media list for journalists who have asked to be kept informed. Managed by the PR WG. Messages will be from the WG and do not have the status of ‘official’ NYCGA communications. This will be stated in each email.
    2. NYC community outreach emails related to events and logistics around #OWS actions that flow from #OWS WG’s (like Direct Action/Tactics WG. Outreach WG will manage this list.
    3. A national, movement wide list meant for the entire country. It will address issues related to movement building, and interoccupation coordination. It will be managed by Movement WG.
  7. The #OWS movement centered around the NYCGA must have the ability to ‘campaign.’ Examples of campaigns that *should* have been implemented by WG’s include the fight to prevent eviction from Zuccotti Park and rapid responses to false and misleading mainstream press right before and after significant actions like N17. These campaigns don’t involve official demands that attempt to capture ‘what the movement stands for.’ But they do represent significant areas of investment by the #OWS movement in NYC.
  8. ANY WG can use #OWS tools to engage in campaigning. However, they cannot be assured of access to the three lists above. A mechanism will be established for accepting and evaluating requests from other WG’s in a timely fashion.
  9. A WG sending campaign messages need to make it explicit how newly harvested emails will be used moving forward. We encourage campaigns to feed ‘generally supportive’ email addresses to be managed by one of the three lists mentioned above, as opposed to the WG’s lists, which are generally meant for more highly involved supporters and participants. (This is a conversation, not an iron-clad rule.)
  10. The overall management of our CRM tool will be coordinated by the Digital Strategy WG in consultation with the Internet WG, FLO WG, and the communications cluster. Changes in this policy (once approved) can only be made at a meeting with 48 hours notice on the NYCGA website and posting to the IWG and FLO email lists OR by the Spokescouncil or NYCGA at any time.

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