Proposed Meeting Facilitation Template – Arts & Culture Organizational Meeting

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NOTE: This is Tomi’s suggested outline for an Arts & Culture Organizational meeting from an email sent to the google group on October 15. It has not been approved by consensus yet.


Organizational Meeting Facilitation Template
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
6:00p – 7:30p
Public Atrium to the left of 60 Wall Street (entrances on Wall & Pine)
2/3 Trains to Wall Street exit into this Atrium

(1) INTRODUCTION [6:00 – 6:10]

–       Introduce yourself: Name/Purpose of Facilitator.
o       “Hi, I’m [NAME].  I’m your facilitator for this meeting.  I am not
the leader of this group and am not an expert on its actions.  This
group belongs to everyone, and includes a large number of people. My
job is just to facilitate this meeting.  Does anyone have a problem
with me being the facilitator tonight? [TEMPERATURE CHECK]”
–       Who is new? Names. (helpful for Minutes and Stack, also for
–       Who has had Facilitation Training?
o       “Everyone should get Facilitation Training if they are going to be
involved with the movement.  Facilitation Training is run by the
Facilitation Group everyday at 5:30pm, meeting at the Shrine Tree on
the Trinity Place side of the Plaza, just north of the drummers.  At
exactly 5:30pm, a member of Facilitation will hold up a sign that says
“Facilitation Training” so you know who to check in with.”
–       Assign: Co-facilitator, Stack Taker, Minutes Taker, Time Keeper, GA
Reporter, Welcomer for Newcomers
o       Ideally, these roles should be filled by people who have had
Facilitation Training.
–       What is ARTS & CULTURE GROUP and how does it serve the movement?
o       [This section is still in discussion… we should get this figured out
–       Explain Guilds.  Are any Guild reps present?  Name/Which Guild.
o       Make print-outs of guild/co-organizer list available at kiosk
–       Review of Process
–       Review of Meeting Structure
o       ART meetings (M/W/F/Su) vs CULTURE meetings (Tu/Th/Sa)
o       Agenda Structure for THIS meeting
–       Review of Proposal Parameters
o       Make print-outs available at A&C kiosk
–       Hand out ListServ sign up sheet
–       Open STACK for Introduction Questions
–       Take Questions
–       Close STACK

(2) REPORTBACKS [6:10 – 6:20]

–       Define “Reportbacks”
o       Status reports from Guild or Collective meetings only.  Reportbacks
are not Announcements or Proposals or New Ideas.  They are only status
reports from separately held Guild or Collective meetings delivered to
update the larger group on the Guild or Collective’s decisions and
activities.  These can be reportbacks from general Guild meetings, or
follow-up reports on previously approved projects.  For example, “The
OccupyHalloween Collective met last night, and we have decided to
build the following puppets for the Halloween parade…”  Etc.
–       Open STACK for Guild Reportbacks [2 min each]
–       Take Reportbacks
–       Close STACK

(3) ANNOUNCEMENTS [6:20-6:30]

–       Define “Announcements”
o       Information only.  No opinions, proposals, discussions, concerns, or
anything other than new, concise information that the larger group may
need or want to be aware of.  For example, “The NoComment Art Show
received an anonymous donation of $5,000 and will be extending the
show through Friday.”
–       Open STACK for Announcements [1 min each]
–       Take Announcements
–       Close STACK

(4) NEW PROPOSALS [6:30-6:45]

–       Define “New Proposals”
o       Project ideas that fall within the mission of the Arts & Culture
Group in service of the #OccupyWallStreet movement, and are being
brought to the larger group for consensus.  New Proposals must have
gone first through a Guild discussion before coming to the Arts &
Culture group for consensus, and must be submitted according to the
proposal guidelines.
•       [Proposal guidelines have yet to be determined!  We should do this!
I will grab the GA proposal guidelines from info tomorrow so we can
use their structure as a baseline.]
–       Open STACK for New Proposals [2 min each]
–       Take New Proposals
o       Proposal summary
o       Clarification questions (STACKED)
o       Friendly Amendments (STACKED)
o       Move for Consensus / Temperature Check
o       If mixed response – move to table for refinement and reproposal
o       If consensus, ask for Blocks (STACKED)
o       If Blocks are unresolved, do a new Temp Check for 9/10 consensus.
–       Close STACK

(5) FINANCE PROPOSALS [6:45 – 7:00]

–       Define “Finance Proposals”
o       Requests for use of the $100/day funding offered to Arts & Culture
from the #OccupyWallStreet fund.  Finance Requests should only be made
regarding Proposals that have already gotten consensus from the Arts &
Culture Group, and that have already been put into action.  Requests
for funding should be accompanied by a specific breakdown of what the
funds will be used for and why, and what research has been done to
make sure the proposed budget is accurate and the funds are
necessary.  Finance requests that receive consensus must Reportback
within a week to update the group about how the funds have been put to
–       Open STACK for Finance Proposals [2 min each]
–       Take Finance Proposals
o       Proposal summary
o       Clarification questions (STACKED)
o       Friendly Amendments (STACKED)
o       Move for Consensus / Temperature Check
o       If mixed response – move to table for refinement and reproposal
o       If consensus, ask for Blocks (STACKED)
o       If Blocks are unresolved, do a new Temp Check for 9/10 consensus.
–       Close STACK


–       GA Reporter reviews notes assembled from the meeting for Reportback
at General Assembly
–       Get group consensus on Reportback
–       Send GA Reporter to GA by 7:10 to get on stack.

(7) NEW IDEAS [7:10 – 7:30]

–       Define “New Ideas”
o       Project ideas put to the group for guidance about how to move
forward, maybe because the proposer is a newcomer, or is unsure which
Guild the project should go to.
o       Ideas that would involve or apply to all Guilds simultaneously and
the A&C Group as a whole
o       Ideas that would apply to the Movement as a whole and would need to
go to GA for a larger consensus
o       Proposed agenda items for an upcoming CULTURE meeting
–       Open STACK for New Ideas [2 min each]
–       Take New Ideas
–       Close STACK


–       Thank attendants for their time, patience, and commitment.
Encourage them to come to as many A&C meetings as possible.  Review
A&C meeting time & location.  Encourage them to get Facilitation
Training.  Review Facilitation Training time & location.
–       Collect ListServ sign-up sheet.
–       Ask everyone to be respectful of the fact that we are using a public
space for our meeting.  Remind everyone to look around and make sure
all personal items and garbage are cleared from the area.  Ask
everyone to help return tables and chairs to their original locations.
Emphasize the importance this respect of the space has on the health
of the larger movement.
–       Collect minutes, unless minutes-taker is committed to posting the
minutes themselves.

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