Proposed Constitutional Amendment on Electoral Reform v. 2.0

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Hi all, this document attempts to incorporate all of the feedback that was made on the original draft. I’m labeling it version 2.0 for convenience. Italics indicate the additions or changes from the earlier version. I invite your additional feedback.

Constitutional Amendment #28 (PROPOSED DRAFT)

Every election in the land shall be purely publicly funded. No private funds shall be spent on any electoral campaign, of any kind, in any way. All candidates and individuals proposing ballot initiatives shall be given equal access to the same publicly-owned communication and travel resources, such that the only differences presented to the voting public between the candidates or ballot initiatives will be their ideas. Natural persons choosing to express their personal preferences regarding candidates or ballot initiatives in accordance with the foregoing provisions may not be interfered with or intimidated in any way. Unnatural persons, governments or other entities of any kind are strictly forbidden from expressing any opinion on electoral contests in any way.

Every citizen of voting age may petition for access to the ballot for themselves as a candidate or for a ballot initiative of their choosing upon the collection of the legal signatures of 1% of the resident citizens in each of the relevant electoral districts. Incumbents shall not be subject to signature requirements in order to pursue re-election unless they are seeking a different elected office. Every citizen of voting age choosing to cast a vote in any election is guaranteed an equal, counted vote. No election results shall be officially certified or otherwise made public until every vote cast has been counted. No voting system shall be used that does not allow both transparent tabulation of votes and also simple and independent verification of the certified results. All citizens residing in any given electoral district, without exception, shall retain full and unobstructed voting rights in each and every election held in that district, including all primaries.

No government official, whether elected or otherwise invested with official office of any kind may be influenced by private financial interests as regards creation or enforcement of laws or regulations. No individual representing such private interests may hold any public office, and no government official may accept employment or enter into any financial relationship with such private entities, either individually or via a related party, at any time.

Candidates, individuals proposing ballot initiatives, election workers, elected officials or any other individuals found to be in violation of any provision herein shall be immediately and permanently disqualified from holding any elected office and also from having any involvement of any kind in the functioning of subsequent electoral contests. Any natural person, or the managing members of any unnatural persons, governments or other entities, involved in repeat violations shall be subject to trial for the crime of treason.

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