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I do not propose this as a regular digested plan, neither will the limits of this paper admit of any further remarks upon it. I believe it to be a hint capable of much improvement, and as such submit it to the public.
                                          (Thomas Paine, Writings of Thomas Paine-Volume 1 (1774-1779)


Mass Media Coverage/Advertising
          Buy up as much adv. time as possible.
          Get as much news coverage as possible
          Have voter registration at as many demonstrations as possible.

     1) 1st demonstration to be called for shall be on a weekend in the spring of 2012
               Location-Every town hall/city hall in America.
               Invite-All who support the 99 percent.
                         (Every town/city hall in America so that people do not need to travel far to get to a demonstration point.  All who support the 99 percent that can mobilize without jeopardizing their job’s.)

     2) 2nd demonstration shall also be on a weekend at a set duration after 1st demonstration.
               Location-Again every town/city hall in America.
               Invite-ALL who support the 99 percent.
                         (Again at every town/city hall so that people do not have to travel far.  But this time ALL who support the 99 percent.  Ask all that work on weekends to call in sick and join in the demonstrations, a mini national strike.)

     3) 3rd demonstration shall be on a WEEK DAY at a set duration after 2nd demonstration.
               Location-Every town/city hall AND state’s capitol in America.
               Invite-ALL who support the 99 percent.
                         (Again every town/city hall AND as many people that can be mobilized to demonstrations in their state’s capitol.  Ask all to attend, a NATIONAL DAY of STRIKES.)

     4) 4th demonstration to be in WASHINGTON D.C.
               Location-WASHINGTON D.C.
                         (This time in Washington D.C. prior to the 2012 elections and everybody is invited.  A NATIONAL DAY OF STRIKES IN OUR NATIONS CAPITOL.)

KEY TO SUCCESS IS TO GET THE PEOPLE MOTIVATED AND GET THE WORD OUT (word of mouth, snail mail, internet, media coverage, advertising)

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