Proposal to the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly November 10th, 7pm

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Proposal to the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly November 10th, 7pm


Respond to a request sent by Egyptian civil society groups to send a delegation of OWS Ambassadors to serve as International Observers in the November 28th Parliamentary elections. The group would need to leave on November 25th and return on the 30th. This action would be coupled with a general request to be sent out to the greater OWS networks calling for self-funded observers thereby increasing the number of overall observers.


–        Will serve as a powerful symbol of solidarity in support of the civil society groups who contributed to the January 25th Revolution.

–        Will mark the beginning of a global movement dedicated to the universal ideals of democracy, human rights, and social justice.

–        Will work to build trust and reconciliation in a post-September 11th environment.

–        Will work to protect and support the civilian monitoring efforts of Egyptian activists on the ground

–        Will constitute a concrete stand against the use of American weapons against peaceful demonstrators.

OWS Action to Date:

–        Through consultation with our Egyptian counterparts it was determined that the OWS delegation should be comprised of 2-3 ambassadors nominated from each working group/caucus plus area specialists. Those nominated would then complete a questionnaire that will be used by the Egyptian organizers to select the final group. Working groups should nominate candidates based on the following criteria which will also be used as a guide in the final selection process.

The Egyptian organizers have identified the following skills or experience as relevant to this project:

–        Election Monitoring / Crowd-sourcing experience

–        Human Rights Observation / law

–        Movement Building

–        Mediation / Non-violent Communication

–        Direct Action

–        Media / PR

–        Global Media

–        Live Streaming

–        First aid/ Medical

–        IT/ Technical Support

–        Arabic language skills

–        Middle East specialists / experience in high risk environments


Desired candidates would ideally have the following attributes:

  • Cultural sensitivity and the ability to put aside personal agendas
  • Willingness to accept risk
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Openness and adaptability to different cultural norms or values
  • Gender and racial diversity

Plan of Action:

–        Each working group and/or caucus will nominate two ambassadors and a backup to represent their committee in Egypt.  The nominated ambassadors will then fill out a questionnaire that will be used by the Egyptian organizers to determine the final group. It is estimated that 20-25 people will be funded depending upon price fluctuations on airfare and other items in Egypt.

–        OWS will send out a general request to its networks asking people to participate in observing the elections at their own personal expense (around $1500)

Requested Budget:

20 airplane tickets at $1,200 = $22,000

Accommodation per day ($20) for 5 nights for 20 people= $2000

Food and Transportation $50 per day for 20 people = $5000

Total Requested: $29,000

2 Responses to “Proposal to the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly November 10th, 7pm”

  1. Person

    Can you please post the letters and some background information about the proposal to go to Egypt? Also, as announced today at the GA, I have spoken with several people who are unconfortable with the allocation of $29,000 to send people to Egypt. This was approved at a small GA (there was a block to point out the GA was too small and the blocker left; modified consensus was not pursued and the proposal was passed.) Also, there is a concern that by sending people to ‘monitor’ this election it may be implied that OWS endorses the new regime (under military rule) and/or the future regime (possibly not much better than the previous regime) and ALMOST DEFINITELY NOT based on direct-democracy and consensus. Could you please send Movement Building and Egypt proposal delegates to the GA on Sunday night, as this will likely be up as an agenda item. It sounds like a great idea, but I think the community deserves a further chance to learn more about this proposal since the funds are so huge and there are major political implications. –Abe

  2. Shawn Carrié

    I second the request for transparency, I think that we need full disclosure on aforementioned “Egyptian civil society groups” in order to move forward.

    I also feel it would be helpful to provide, for clarification purposes, an explanation of what an international observer does, and thew historical context of this role.