[PROPOSAL] Physical Violence at #NYCSC: Step one towards Comprehensive #OWS Policy

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#OccupyWallStreet is a Non-Violent Movement and hasĀ  0 tolerance for any & all PHYSICAL violence.

Any act of physical violence at #NYCSC will result in immediate trespass from the space & an 1 month ban from participation in #NYCGA & #NYCSC General Assemblies.

3 Responses to “[PROPOSAL] Physical Violence at #NYCSC: Step one towards Comprehensive #OWS Policy”

  1. Urbaned

    Thumbs up, this is long overdue. (Maybe instead of saying “immediate trespass,” say, “immediate exclusion?”

  2. Justin Stone-Diaz

    I think Sean slipped in Trespass since it is the legal vehicle we are using.
    We can ask them to leave space we are renting at Spokes & if they do not leave, they can legally be trespassed by police & escorted off if needed.
    Exclusion is seems vauge & is what the second part covers-
    I’m loving the flow with the document- we just need to start simple & go from there. :)