Proposal for Sunday, Jan 8 2012 3pm meeting for the creation of an official PERWG twitter for communicating operational information from the PERWG.

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We propose the creation of an official Political and Electoral Reform Working Group twitter profile for the purpose of communicating informational or operational tweets including:

  • times and locations of of meetings,
  • urls of meeting minutes,
  • urls proposals
  • urls of meeting agendas
  • urls or other working or thematic documents produced by the group or sub groups
Tweets that would not be permitted:
  • personal political or electoral opinions
  • RT of a similar nature
  • non-consented thematic or working ideas
  • RT of a similar nature
The main twitter account password would be held by at least three people in the group, the main email for twitter notifications would be an official PERWG email, not a personal members that is also shared by three people, and only for the purpose of the twitter account.  Example:  The twitter account can be shared up to three people with a free Hoot Suite account.
The twitter profile would be @perwg.  The name Political & Electoral Reform WG at #OWS. The bio would be: “The political and electoral reform working group at #ows.”  The URL would be our main site here on the NYC GA site.
This proposal also encourages a future group discussion for the following meeting, Thursday, January 12, about live streaming one meeting a month via an UStream or similar free audio/video service account for the purpose of organic outreach.

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