Proposal for Authentic Democracy in Spokes Council Proposal Process to be voted on Monday, January 30th

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Proposal for Authentic Democracy in Spokes Council Proposal Process to be voted on Monday, January 30th

This proposal is very simple. Everyone in the OWS community should have the opportunity to participate the democratic process concerning the Spokes Council (SC) proposal voting process. However, due to the pattern of certain Working Groups and individuals not giving proper notice to the OWS community, *all* the Working Groups (WG), Caucuses (CA) and site prior to them putting their proposals to a vote, many community member s, WGs and CAs have expressed feelings of non-transparency, ‘surprise proposals’, irresponsibility, abuse of power, failure to give the community ample time to consider proposals and insensitivity & inconsideration of specific & oppressed communities who would be directly affected by the proposal and their right to take part in the voting process. Proposals with vital and complicated issues are inappropriately being rushed through.

We ask that:

1) – All proposals must be mentioned one meeting before the meeting it is to be voted on so there is sufficient time for community members to take part in an actual democratic process. If someone from the WG or CA is unable to attend the prior meeting, they must inform Facilitation or another WG/CA and ask them to inform the SC of their proposal

2) – All proposals must be posted on the website at least 48 hours prior to them being voted on.

3) – All Working Groups and Caucuses must be notified directly at least 48 hours prior to the proposal being voted on. A system will be arranged where an email can be sent at one time to a designated point person from each Working Group and Caucus.

The principles of solidarity and democracy that the Occupy movement stands for asks that we enroll as much community buy-in, responsibility, outreach and collaboration as possible in our voting and proposal process. We feel this proposal will help inspire just that.

The most popular chant on our OWS marches is “Show me what democracy looks! This is what democracy looks like!” In an effort to show the world what real democracy looks like, we must give as many community members, WGs, CAs as possible the chance to be involved.

Ensuring that decisions being made are done so in a just and open process is what our ideals stand for.

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