Proposal Draft: 24-hour feedback window for General Assembly proposals

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Many proposals at GA get derailed by the legitimate complaint that participants have not been given adequate time to reflect on the proposal.

Make proposals accessible online and on site 24 hours before they are brought to General assembly. A crowd-sourcing feedback period will enable participants to refine the proposal before the final draft reaches the GA.

• Facilitation Working Group posts drafts of proposals online and on-site at Facilitation Table
• Participants give feedback (concerns, clarifying questions, friendly amendments) online in “comments” section and on-site at Facilitation table. Facilitators at table will upload the comments given in Liberty Square to over the course of the feedback period.
• The process at the nightly GA does not change: for each proposal presented at GA, facilitators will call for clarifying questions, concerns, and friendly amendments.
• The system flexes to accommodate “emergency proposals.” Facilitation’s working definition of an emergency proposal is: A proposal that responds to an immediate external deadline that was not previously knowable.


1. Allows members to learn and comment about proposals before the GA meets.

2. Working groups can address comments before the GA, expediting the meeting process.

3. Makes the agenda transparent so that members with vested interest know to come to a specific GA.

4 Responses to “Proposal Draft: 24-hour feedback window for General Assembly proposals”

  1. Sari Surkis

    Hi Leo, I read the doc and do not have any edits or comments at this time. Thanks!

  2. Asahda

    Seems like a great solution. Gives more time to cover other important issues. It also gives us time to internalize what is being proposed. My question is how would you agree and disagree? Who or what factor would decides what is the correct action or solution? What happens if an agreement is not met?

  3. daniel

    sweet! nice one. one thing to think about is maybe a longer window of time for huges proposals, like spokes council was or like ows issuing demands. these types of things should not be able to come in front of the GA for a proposal right away. they should be workshopped at the GA at least once. I would say a week notice for proposals of this magnitude with a suggestion for workshopping.

  4. Shawn Carrié

    It has been brought to my attention in several conversations that I’ve heard people saying that they want to see a longer time frame for proposals to be available on the GA web site.

    My suggestion would be a three-day window for proposals to be on the website before coming to GA. This would allow key clarifications to be made, questions to be made, and also for more people to become aware of a given proposal, talk about it in their free time, and make sure they’re at GA if they want to make sure they are part of the consensus process on that proposal.