Project management meeting 10/20/11

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Jake, Nick

Agenda Items:

Dr Ron: Scope and boundries (what were working on/software requirements)
Dan: Internet working groups meetings better process
Ted: Discuss server infastructure/Panix (demands problems/optimizations) –possible sid-bar conversations with Tom

Scope and Boundries conversation:

1. Small group of us that are overworked
2. DOn’t have effective system for project management / tracking that is open and transparent
3. Don’t have good way to onboard new people who wnat to help and process their help requests. See them at meetings but don’t know hwat to do with them
4. When new people are brought in, high barrier to entry, a steep learning curve for new people who want to join the group
5. Need more WordPress developers
6. More support staff to support the staff (non developers) / tech supprot for people using the site
7. Start focusing on developing indivuslaized web solutions for different working grups
8. Streamline development workflow / CVS / code sharing
9. Ad-hoc task pickup
10. Know what the different projects are, whos working on what and someone responsiblie and communicicating with others on that

Dr Ron: Maintaining the integrity of the group thats working on doing stuff vs having to continually figure out a better process for how we interact with the other groups liek separating when we have to meet focus on doing work vs explaining other groups what were doing or why were doing it. Can’t always do it at the same time. (MAINTAIN FOCUS)

Drew: HOw to separate open democratic process from the working process

Define immediately scope and boundries for the next few weeks.

Margaret: Need those who can focus on project but also someone who will keep track past those 2 weeks as issues occur. A project manager is needed.

Charles: Define the roll and table who will fill it

Jake: improtant to keep in mind whats capable of being achichieved in a time box, is related to the amount of help you have.

What is going on with the mobile sub-internet group. THey just started a redmind.

Jake: Basecamp is not transparent enough, becaue it requires an account to view whats going on. SHould be open and readable by anybody but restricted to contriution

Margaret: Meetings are subject to the concensus of who shows up

Jake: What if one meeting was purely training and there is another meteing that is the oppositite, which is just about decisions made to move things forward
(supported by Drew+dan)

Drew: PM solution cna serve as sundays meeting, who is going to facilitate it, what you going to do, whats going to handle the process.

Jake: Separate project would be NY working group university. Internet working group does not exist soley to make website.

Jake: Before joniing a working group you must go through training is a possible pre-req.

1. Idea tracking system/or person
2. Installing new word press files and project management plugin
3. Dan will create a list of all programmer/technical resources
4. Q&A Solution / quick answers
5. Ticket / SUpport management solution for the existing website,

Support job responsibilities / support lead

1. Assembling a team to work under you and support
2. Fielding any feedback from web-based feed back froms
3. Responding directly to those users
4. Adding support tickets to the support system based on that feedback
5. Scraping the website for new requests that come up everyday
6. Taking the feedback when people come to other points of entry, will be passed along to be entered into support tracking

Seeking Site Ranger whos responsibility is to answer web-site related questions and encourage and spread best practices on site In an effort to identify feedback trends on site, as to inform future site development and priorities.
They will review the site for questions, answer them directly, and direct any needs that cannot be immediately answered to the Google Feedback Form.
And direct people to the feedback form on the site. Please send the times and days of week that you are available and we will communicate an compatible working schedule.

To apply please fill out the help form below:

Make a doc of best practices for the site, put it in the doc first, develop it and then publish to the help section.

Dr Ron & Margaret are responsible for Coordinating Support Efforts and establishing a team.

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