Process for the Distribution of Surplus Supplies

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Process for requesting supplies from OCCUPY WALL STREET

Step One – Contact S.I.S. of Occupy Wall Street

By E-Mail:

Or By Phone:

Justin – 216-956-0963
Saum – 617-780-7999
Cory – 612-208-9207
Chris – 240-994-8710

After verifying contact information, we will proceed to step two.

Step Two – Consent to Trade
As a safe guard to verify that the supplies are being entrusted to a working group at an occupation, we ask for a VIDEO SUBMISSION from your general assembly consenting to Trade with Occupy Wall Street.

Step Three – Receiving

The S.I.S. working group of Occupy Wall Street has been given a finite budget to use for the costs of sharing supplies across the country.  We strongly encourage other occupation participants to make the trip to NYC if possible to pick up your requested supplies.  With the alleviation of shipping costs, we can negotiate partial to full reimbursement of the travel expenses.  In addition to the benefit of lower costs, its always a plus to meet other occupiers and discuss best practice procedures. If necessary and cost effective we will ship high price items across country as needed.



“Proposal for Exporting the Surplus”

(As passed by the OWS G.A.)

“People from across the world
know the power of giving.
Occupy wall Street
has become an outlet
for the inspiring generosity
of the 99 percent.
After the outpouring of support
from the recent snow
Our shelves are overflowing.
While a surplus
is a great comfort
it is also a great responsibility.
The more we horde supplies
in the face of need,
need from the community
and need from other occupations
the more we will begin to resemble
the american status quo.

So, lets change that.
After all,
change is what we’re here for.
Lets start moving supplies
to where it is needed.

is making the following proposal:

In solidarity
with over 15 million
unemployed workers,
we will allocate
at least
of the supply surplus
to the outreach working group
to be donated within our community.

The rest of the surplus
will be made available
to our fellow Occupations
across the country.
We will use the supplies
as incentive
to promote improved communication
between others in our movement.
The release of the surplus
comes with the hope,
that the internet working group
in cooperation
with any related groups
establish a section of our website
for inter-occupy communication.
There are efforts underway,
lets unify them.

To begin to negotiate
the allocation of the surplus.
We are asking
for a one time export budget
of $5000.
This will be used
to fund travel
between occupations
and for shipping.

After this initial export,
we will continue to use
the newly developed contacts
to send supplies
when we can.
We have been given
a great deal of wealth.
Lets show wall street
how we handle OUR stock.”

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  1. Inga Jensen

    @Justin Great one minute announcement on Inter-Occupy conference call! I’m passing the details along to OPittsburgh. Thanks for sharing abundance!!!