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August 1, 2104

Liberty Plaza (Formerly Zuccotti Park)


Discussion-Group discussed upcoming  actions including S-17-2014 (The Third Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street)
Group discussed development of poster  and outreach for S-17 as well as The World Business Forum. Outreach will include via subway and street outreach as well as Social Media. As of this assembly actions for day include Press Conference, Independent Media Day which will feature various Independent Media outlets who will be conducting activities in Liberty Plaza throughout the day.

Proposal also made and consented on to support the World Wide Climate Convergence which occurs from September 17-21, 2014. Sumumba and Jan will be attending the next organizing meeting the following Thursday.

Ale presented potential actions for October 2014 which is ‘The Month of Resistance’ this action is to protest and organize against Mass Incarceration.

Group will also continue to organize to Protest at the World Business Forum and will be a key organizer along with the People’s Power Assembly. Several group members have and will continue to o support future actions against Kenny’s Bakery and Liberato Restaurant in collaboration with the Laundry Workers Center.

Group also discussed Gaza and upcoming actions surrounding as well as big Housing Action being organized by the Black Institute on August 21,2014 which group consented to support in Harlem.
Upcoming Action(s)-S-17, Actions Against Kenny’s Bakery, Occupation of Gaza (which Marty Goodman spoke of) and Liberato Resturaunt

Reportbacks-Various reportbacks given on meeting

Next Assembly will be held again at Liberty Plaza following Friday and into foreseeable future

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