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July 25, 2104

Liberty Plaza (Formerly Zuccotti Park)

Discussion-Group discussed upcoming actions including S-17-2014 (The Third Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street)
Group consented on anonymous poster for S-17 featuring a twist on original Occupy Wall Street poster of ballerina on bull. The difference is a construction worker on bull, group will ┬áconsented on alternatives and variations of new poster for S-17. Ale spoke more at length on actions for the October which is ‘The Month of Resistance’ this action is to protest and organize against Mass Incarceration. Group consented to participate in it and help organize it.

Group also consented on endorsing the Protest at the World Business Forum and will be a key organizer along with the People’s Power Assembly. Group will also support future actions against Kenny’s Bakery and Liberato Restaurant. Organizers Virgilio and Mahoma spoke to group at length about the status of both campaigns.
Upcoming Action(s)-S-17, Actions Against Kenny’s Bakery, Occupation of Gaza (which Marty Goodman spoke of) and Liberato Resturaunt

Reportbacks-Various reportbacks given on meeting

Summation/Future Actions/Discussion- Occupy Liberator and Kenny’s Bakery actions will continue on various days of week in the morning and evening. LWC will inform group of dates.

Next Assembly will be held again at Liberty Plaza

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