PR WG Meeting Minutes (2/22/12)

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Meeting Notes, Wed  2/22, 7:30-9pm.
Attendance:  Mark, Dana, KaneneKathleen, Bill, Shane, Dave, Han, Cari
Facilitator: Dana
Notes: Sarah

1.      F29
2.      May Day
3.      Messaging Meeting
4.      Feb 26th Pop-Up Occupations (Occupy Town Square)
5.      East New York:
The PR Working Group decided to go on record stating that best efforts
should be used to exit gracefully from 702 Vermont.
6.      Com Hub Update
7.      NYCGA
8.      Meeting Time & Location Updates
9.      Spokes Reps for Monday & Wednesday
10.  Media Consortium Call
11.  99% Declaration
12.  Elections

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