PR WG Meeting Minutes (1/25/12)

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Attendance: Patrick, Will, Sarah, Karanja, Linnea, Dana, Ed, Jason,
Cari, Beth, Matt, Bill

1. Upcoming actions
– J29- Occupy the townsquare at Wash Sq. 11-5pm
– Occupy Museums
– Ecosummit
– Feb 9 – Occupy the DOE at Brooklyn Tech, 6pm
– OccU addressing educational reform (end of Feb)
– Occupy Student Debt- in March, $1 trillion in student debt
– Farmers, class action law suit Monsanto. Next Tues. Foley Square.
– Queering at OWS event
– Occu-cycle, end of February

Stop Stop & Frisk, Jan 27th


Occupy Our Homes

May 1
2. WG liaision reportbacks/Morning working group

3. Media Consortium call Thursday

4. Subgroup update re protocols

5. Election statement

6. Stories on housing


8. N17

9. Approve the minutes!

10. Italian conference

11. D6

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