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The PR Working Group is here to help make your events and actions a success by:

  • building stories and messaging into your event
  • writing and disseminating press releases
  • pitching stories to the media
  • responding to press queries

Stay tuned for media training opportunities.

Click here to submit an event coverage request

TIMING: If you are sending this 24 hours (or less) before your event we cannot guarantee that we will have enough time to do the outreach necessary. Don’t be worried about sending this to us too early; we love lead time. We will follow up within 24 hours to check-in and provide feedback, ask any clarifying questions and make suggestions.

THE REALITY: Most importantly, just because we as the PR WG have alerted the press to your event does not mean that you will be bombarded with press requests/press at your event. The PR WG does not control the media. We pitch stories to the press and convey the details and narrative of events so as to ensure maximum coverage. The decision to cover OWS is ultimately theirs to make.

Ideally we will work with you (depending on timing, like anything, the more the merrier) to synthesize a media strategy into your planned action/event and help make it appealing to media-makers.

We always recommend that there be some extra effort on your part to devote to making press calls the day before and the morning of your event–we can provide a coaching on how to make effective press calls, as well as some contacts, if necessary (same goes for spokesperson training and interview tips.)


OWS PR Working Group


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