Green Zone – Pledge For Nonviolence

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Creation of safety zones at Occupy events will rely on appropriate signage. People will need to know what to expect. We must also put efforts to minimizing pro-violence interference with Nonviolence for fist, tongue and heart.

One traditional approach involves publishing the “Nine Principles” from Gandhi and Dr. King. Here is an example, including small modifications to connect with today’s Occupy sites.

Pledge For Nonviolence

Feel free to build your own versions if you wish. Just, if you do make changes beyond identifying your Occupy site, please do not claim connection with the Civil Right Museum, SCLC, or the King Center. Thank you.

The are the words of Dr. King. Added to slightly, as with “We are the 99% and we must go in peace.”

(We also have an arrangement with a printer. Full sized 10′ by 4′ marching banners are available. Leave a Message at this site if you are interested.)

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