OWS Think Tank logistics meeting minutes

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– Report back from Spokes

– Proposals for TTing internal conflicts

– NESRI sponsored meeting

– Report back from mobile TT subgroup

– Moving our regular meeting time to not conflict with the GA

– New facilitators only list – accessibility

– Twitter account

– Codifying facilitator process

– Blog

– Radio Show

Possibilities for TT on the road

–       upcoming NLG/OWS legal WG event

–       Occupy the primaries in New Hampshire

–       – late-January fashion show at Judson memorial

–       – J17/OccupyCongress

–       – J20/OccupyTheCourts

– Emily’s FEAST proposal – do we agree? Someone to help.



Report back from Spokes:

–       Spokes dissolving into soapbox drama.

–       What should the TT do?

–       Friday’s SC meeting.

–       New cluster: Solutions cluster – different councils being created.  More movement oriented councils, could the TT fit into a movement spokes?

–       Announcements on ComHub.

–       Email from Stefano Black: ongoing discussion about having regular mediation/non-violent communication sessions – does the TT want to integrate with that?

–        Ways TT can directly plug in:

DECISION: Everyone to read through the email from Stefano

–       Anyone who wants to should come to the meeting at NESRI next week, 5:30 about a possible roundtable.



Report back from mobile think tank:

–       Mobile Think Tanks:

–       Queens

–       Occupy Staten Island – General Assembly in the ferry terminal Friday 30th 6pm.

DECISION: to postpone the Queens MTT until next week and take advantage of the Staten Island  presence.  Go to the ferry terminal at 5 to not conflict with the SI GA and to catch rush hour.


ACTION: Courtney to email flyer to be printed tomorrow morning.  (Lily)

ACTION: Get more mobile TT stuff

ACTION: Comhub announcement (Hannah)

Other places to be tomorrow:

–       Staten Island GA 6pm – (Aaron, Courtney, Nina, Lily, Tim)

–       Mobile Occupation 60 Wall – (Nina)

–       Outreach Cluster at 60 Wall – (Courtney, Nina, Lily)

–       Spokescouncil – (Hannah)



Moving our meeting time:

–       Alternating times:

DECISION: better to interfere with Spokes rather than the GA?

ACTION: create a new doodle. (Courtney)



New Facilitators List:

Proposal to create a separate list of people facilitating

ACTION: To create a CC list for facilitators separate from the logistics team and have someone act as a point of contact for new facilitators (Nina)


Twitter Account

The current OWSThinkTank twitter owner has agreed to relinquish the name to us.


Codifying the facilitator process:

–       Got the process from Michael Nash

DECISION: To ask  facilitators to spend 10mins to write a summary of the session which they then email to the googlegroup

DECISION: to send the facilitator guidelines to new facilitators on the contact list.




PROPOSAL: Susie willing to maintain a blog of the think tank discussions

DECISION: to send Susie the summaries we have agreed to write.

Radio Show:

Serious Radio: This is the launch of one 6 hour slot which may become a regular 6 hour slot going out to 20 million listeners!

–       potential interest in TT snippets



1) Submitting material to be edited by January 3rd – finding a good TT or two which would be aligned with the themes of MLK day

2) Start slow and easy: start one a month for a few months and maybe go up to one a week if there is enough editors etc. Podcast/RSS

–       Putting sessions on itunes? Give files to NYU and Aaron could put them on itunes to have a distribution channel for raw stuff.

DECISION:  Start slow: RSS or Podcast: email Stephanie to form a subcommittee: stephafly@gmail.com



Upcoming events

–       NLG/OWS event 3rd Jan, 5-7, 56 Walker: TT to facilitate breakout groups  (Courtney, Tim, Lily, Aaron)

–       Occupy the Primaries, January 10th: Paul Getsos – sending 230 people to N.Hampshire would like to have TT involvement:

ACTION: Email paul.getsos@gmail.com with interest. (Hannah)

–       Late Jan Fashion Show: fashion show fundraiser for OWS: wants facilitators to help swank out the event.

ACTION: Email to get more info/ address potential criticisms we have (Hannah)

–       Occupy Congress, Tuesday January 17th: Signs/Mobile TT HUMAN CHAIN AROUND THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!

–       Occupy the Courts, January 20th:  Going to Federal courthouses – TT on corporate personhood.


FEAST fundraiser January 21st:

Emily needs someone to write the proposal by January 4th (she can give the template).

ACTION: Contact Emily to put together a proposal (Hannah)


New Years:

TT mobile think tank on NY resolutions!  




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