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Below is a questionnaire that the Work Space Affinity group is requesting working groups fill out. They let me access the space this morning, but they have a priority list of groups. I thought I’d post the questions here and get feedback from the group before I turn in the response. I’ll also post on your listserve when I’m invited/accepted.

These are also the guys who can help us find a place of our own! I emailed them this morning and cc’d the Archives contact email listed on this forum.



1) What do you foresee your ideal working space looking like?

Ideally, a working space would include:

  1. an open area to photograph and catalog posters and such (electricity, room for lights/ tripod, computer space)
  2. a small, quiet private area to conduct oral histories (room for two chairs and a tiny table) – could be shared space that we reserve when needed
  3. a secure area to leave some equipment (laptop, recorders, harddrives, light, tripod, camera, etc)
  4. What else??? (storage? – at least for materials being processed?

2) How many people do you imagine being in the space at any given time? (Min and max estimates)

3) How many hours per day per week will your WG be using the space? (Which hours: mornings, evenings??)

4) What will you be bringing and/or what items do you hope will be provided for you? (Equipment, cabinets, shelving, etc…)

5) What storage space do you need?

6) What shared resources do you hope to have? (Printer, fax machine, supplies, data stream pipeline, etc…)

7) Do you have other space needs? (teach-ins, meetings, etc…)

  • Trainings?
  • Meetings?

8) Before moving on to more general questions about your organizational needs, do you have any final comments about your working space needs?

9) How does your working group communicate internally and externally at the moment? (e.g. texts, google groups, etc…)

10) How does your working group collaborate with other working groups currently? List specific groups you’re working with…

11) How would you like to see your working group collaborate with other working groups in the future? List specific groups if applicable…

12) How can you see the Organization Working Group helping?

13) What do you think is the biggest obstacle that OWS is facing in general?

14) What is the biggest strength that’s keeping OWS strong?

15) Please share any final comments or ideas!

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