OWS Music Working Group (MWG) 12/3/11 Minutes for 5pm Meeting

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*Facilitator: *Alphonzo****

*Timekeeper: *Goldi****

*Note taker*: Randall and Michele****

* *****

* *****


Members of the Musicians Solidarity Council attended the meeting and agreed
to work with MWG.  Their organization was formed out of the 802 Musicians **
**Union** and meets every Thursday.  MSC has a website bulletin board* **
http://www.mussc.org* <http://www.mussc.org/>* ** *which they would like* *to
link with the MWG site and to join in MWG’s projects and promotions.****


*Report backs*****

   – Broadway Project****
– Progress on the Music Working Group mission statement****
– Proposed MLK Day of music****
– Last Thursday, there were 20K marchers****

** **

 *Agenda Items*****

   – MWG **Mission** Statement****
– Statement of Engagement ****
– When did MWG ratification take place****


*Agenda Item #1: Mission Statement*****

   – Alphonzo: presented the Mission Statement for approval. ****
– Rick: Ad hoc group met last Saturday and created a draft to be brought
to Spokes Council.  He twice read the mission statement and into the record
for consensus.  He also read OWS Principles of Solidarity and Statement of
Autonomy. ****
– It was discussed whether these provisions applied to work outside of
OWS.  The answer was no.****
– Frank:  we should consider how “alternative currency” fits into our
working model.  Also, the mission statement should be more creative. ****
– Linda: Linda agreed with the latter and stated that we need* *an elevator
pitch speech to build membership.  Linda and Frank Agreed to work on such
language supporting the Mission Statement and submit to the MWG. ****
– Goldi: The “we shall not endorse and outside project” should be put
into the Mission Statement.  He suggested this as a friendly amendment.
There was a discussion about the meaning of “endorse” and Goldi was asked
to submit language defining this term.  Also, it was agreed that the
endorsement language was more appropriate for the Statement of Engagement
which discussed later in the meeting.  Goldi agreed and withdrew the
amendment. ****
– Frank2:  We should include language in the Mission Statement that
openly embraces collaboration.  He agreed to submit language that would be
included in the Statement of Engagement.****
– Rick: read the Mission Statement one more time for a consensus check. *
– Alphonzo:  called for consensus on finalizing and adopting the Mission
Statement.  A consensus was reached to Adopt the **Mission** statement
with a previous suggested language submitted by Goldi *with a reminder
by James that the Mission Statement is a living document so it can be


*Agenda Item #2: Principles of Engagement*****

* *

*Summary:** Rick read a list of questions that had been drawn
up those musicians could be asked or should think about in order to be sure
their project and commitment was in line with OWS principles.  A discussion
ensued regarding ideas on what the best method might be to make sure that
projects brought in or facilitated by MWG would follow those
guidelines. People new to OWS would then have a basic understanding of what
is expected.  It was suggested a form or questionnaire be filled out and
submitted or brought to the MWG by a representative of each project.  What
would be the criteria for a band to assist in a march or demo?  How should
the question of money be addressed? Frank2 did not think the word “support”
should be used because it is a legal term and essentially means the same
thing. We want to welcome outside groups to solicit support.***

* *

*Rick felt it was necessary to ascertain if:***

*1.) MWG would have a positive engagement with project***

*2.) MWG was neutral to the project – let group handle project by themselves

*3.) MWG had a negative engagement to the project*

* *


   – *It was proposed that a working group be set up to produce a form for
outside engagement. Alphonzo asked for consensus on the Mission Statement.
Rick will rework the Statement of engagement. ***
– Alphonzo:  presented the Principles of Engagement for discussion
*clarifying how to
work with musicians who want to engage with OWS, creating a document to
that effect for consensus. ***
– Rick:  read the statement into the record and posed questions re how
we work with others.  He listed things for consideration such as giving
support, transparency, audience, other working groups, build membership and
participation, and goals. ****
– Alphonzo:  we should consider what we want to achieve and the goals.
He opened the meeting for suggestions. ****
– Michele:  maybe we should consider a form or questionnaire. ****
– David: suggested that the discussion needs to be clarified for
purposes what are our goals for the Statement.****
– Randall:  We should present the Statement in the form of a
questionnaire to engage others. ****
– Andy: is this a discussion piece or how we define how we engage?****
– Alphonzo: raise the point about being too general.****
– Frank2: Don’t think we should  use “support” because it is a legal
term. ****
– Rick: should we setup as guidelines****
– Goldi: We should facilitate and not support.  It is an issue of
helping produce or producing.  If we don’t nave consensus, we should not
use the OWS name.****
– David2:  Don’t see the problem with using OWS in music name****
– Goldi: Can’t stop people form supporting OWS; it is a matter of what
we want to support****
– David: Hypothetical—would we have called for musician support for the
Sotheby’s protest.  What will be the criteria? ****
– James:  Embracing language is good but will include money?****
– Andy: Do we have support to give?****
– Linda: Statement verbs should be defined.****
– Frank2: asked for clarification on Goldi’s statement****
– Goldi: “Only support projects we work on”****
– Frank2: Can people come to MWG and propose projects?****
– Goldi:  we welcome outside groups to solicit support.****
– Rick: MWG outside engagement should be divided into 3 sections:  1.
Positive—outside projects should have a set of criteria; 2.
Neutral—independent projects should have loser criteria; 3. Negative—“no
this is not an official project of OWS”.****
– James: these discussions are providing good vibes and had to come from
NOLA to join the effort.****
– Randall: we should setup a working group to produce a suggested form
for outside engagement.****
– Alphonzo: Recapped the discussion.****
– Rick:  our Statement should establish criteria for 3 areas: 1. outside
projects; 2. advising; 3. problems****
– Alphonzo: moved for consensus on Rick’s outline.****
– Goldi: the 3 levels should be one—either we are working on the project
or we are not.****
– Frank2: the process should contain the Mission Statement****
– Alphonzo: Rick will refine the Statement of Engagement and presented
it to the Google Group.****



*Agenda Item#3*****

   – Alphonzo: stated that there was information floating around that MWG
is was not fully ratified.  He read into the record MWG’s ratification:  on
November 13, 2011, the Music Guild of Arts and Culture, consented to
becoming the official Music Working Group.  He stated that we had discussed
the need to do this for efficiency and practical reasons.  Arts and Culture
has more than 500 members and that Music Guild members thought that it was
fair to A&C and the Music Guild to not to overload A&C’s agenda with items
better suited for a collaborative working group—the Music Working Group, of
OWS. ****
– James:  it would be great for original Music Guild members to give
their statement of events and consensus leading up to the ratification of
the Music Working Group.****
– Linda: It is a great idea to let projects to be absorbed by a 500
member working group. ****
– Frank2: if others want to conduct music operations from A&C, this is
cool—diversity of tactics.****
– Rick:  how many people are in the current proposed Music Guild of A&C?*
– Frank2: one person.****
– No one else could mention another name. ****
– Rick: called for a vote as to how many people at the meeting were in
the Music Guild prior to becoming a member of the Music Working Group.
About 4 raised their hands. ****
– Randall: at the ratification meeting, previous meeting reasons for
converting to a Working Group was discussed.  No one mention any reasons
against.  Thus, a consensus was reached and the Music Working Group was
ratified.  ****
– James: should send a message of ratification to the Music Guild.****
– Alphonzo: MWG was put up on the nycga.net site.  We have had
representation at the GA and Spokes Council before and ever since. ****

 *Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm*

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