OWS music working group minutes 11/12/11

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Antonio (joined briefly to discuss online presence for MWG)

– Nikki & Susannah add music/dance party proposal to agenda

– Alphonzo brief update on formation of OWS music working group from former
A&C music guild
– temp check: music guild restructured into music working group?
– Yes, group consensus

– Website: establish online presence
1) google group info

2) contact NYCGA about web portal

3) Rick talks a little about openassembly.org & google apps for OWS music
working group landing page.

– Antonio joins into meeting to talk about NYCGA, how to develop online
portal, benefits to working with NYCGA.net/Wordpress CMS (Content
Management System).

4) Susannah states proposal for dance party tentatively for December 3rd.
yourlovematters@yahoo.com for additional info, get involved. 

– Alphonzo asks about theme, if there is one
-Renae suggests “Move your movement”, alternatives based around it.
– Avatar “occupied playlist”
– Alphonzo provides info on the A&C proposal form.

5) Alphonzo temp check for setting up web portal through NYCGA- consensed
– Alphonzo will coordinate with NYCGA.net to get that going

6) Renae speaks about spokes council, make sure we want to develop working
group, and explaining the need for a music specific working group.
-preliminary spokes rotation established:
Rick: Monday
Renae: Wednesday
Nikki: Friday

7) Recruiting for music group starting at 11/13/11
– Renae suggests a mix of online and canvassing at the Park

Mission statement:
– Rick asks about role of music group, community building and/or oversight,
level of oversight, mentions comp selection process as possible model

9) Set meeting times temp check:

Thursday 6 PM & Sat 5PM consensed 

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