Working Group Meeting Minutes, 12/11/11

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Facilitating: Laura/Frances

Stack: Karim

Minutes: Michele
Attending: Laura, Zach, Amanda, Karim, Frances, Bill, Michele, Scales, Colin (new to WG; does projects with microlibraries), Hristo, Charlie, Stephen B., Prince (new, here to help), Betsy, Sean, Catherine, Swapan (from Rhyming Poets International).
Visitors from Free Lit Table, who stayed just for their proposal: David, Rocko, Thadeaus, Patrick.
1. Proposal from Free Literature Tablers
2. Hristo’s Super Secret Thing
3. Report back from Love Your Librarian Awards
4. Occupy office
5. Book pick up and drop off issues
6. ALA
7.D14 – anti-oppresion training instead of Spokes. Library presence.
8. Occupy Writers/ Jeff Sharlet
9.Unoppressive Nonimperialist Bargain Books space offer
10. GA proposal for Dec 13th
11. D17
-GA proposal
-Plans for this week and Saturday itself
12. Announcements

1. Proposal from Free Literature table: 
Introduction: “We are a project that was started by the library. We haven’t used funds or solicited donations. We have been setting up tables in Union Square and Fulton Mall since raid. Zines and pamphlets.”
The proposal: to buy a cargo bike and table to facilitate tabling. Bike is $1354 from a local maker in Queens. Requesting $1500 in total. Would like to make the proposal to the GA through the library.
Clarifying Questions: Sean: Do you know about Dec 17th and the reoccupation? Thadeaus: Yes, but would do both. Colin: Have you asked Times Up? Thadeaus: Yes, they had ideas about trailers (Thadeaus actually works with TU), but the cargo bike would be best. POI from Colin: “I have some cargo tricycles that could work, but they need work.” Zach: Why aren’t you doing this as your own working group? Your group was working with the library but the two projects branched off from one another a long time ago. Thad: The Free Lit table never because an official working group. Other comments from Librarians: Bringing this proposal to the GA as the library would raise questions about what the library does; Library has to be careful about what it asks for. We are preparing for D17, too.
Friendly amendment from Stephen: The Free Literature Table brings the proposal to the GA as its own WG, but library folks go there to support. PASSED. Guests from Free Lit Table leave.
2. Hristo’s Super Secret Thing
Bill is leaving tomorrow! Hristo got a Metallica DVD for him and everyone signed it.
3. Love your Librarian Awards (Stephen Boyer)
-Stephen went to this event, sponsored by the NYTimes and the Carnegie Corporation with Jeff. He reports that the ALA loves us and that they want to be a part of the action (which Jaime is bottomlining) to retrieve books from 1 Police Plaza. Also, SB reports that Caroline Kennedy was there and gave a speech about books being banned/destroyed, but her history went up to 1972 only. (Later, Carnegie Corp. president Vartan Gregorian made the comment that “anyone can occupy a library,” to much applause.) (Oh, here is a blog post about the event: -ed.) Stephen suggested that we write CK a letter asking why she didn’t mention our library. Also, she’s a friend of Bloomberg.
-There was some discussion about whether it would be better to post a letter to the blog, or send her a personal letter. Personal letter would be nicer, but less effective – she’d probably never even read it. We could make a blog post that is not insulting but does ask for her to respond, and she’s more likely to actually know about it that way. Questions about how this might work with a media strategy. Also, Amanda says she went to camp with CK’s daughter and can probably get contact info.
-PASSED: Stephen will write an open letter for the blog.
4. Occupy office (Betsy)
-The office is at 50 Broadway. Three consensed-upon people are point people for the office, and are on a list that grants them access. There are people leaving town and we may need new point people. Betsy is in touch with Bianca about procedures…
-Scales raised concerns about not liking spaces that are exclusive.
-Betsy and Frances responded that some of the problems recently have to do with security that is at the office. And that we have office needs and really need to use the occupy office.
-Stephen clarified some procedures: Weekdays there are regular office hours and you can get in if you’re on the list. However, if you want to get on the overnight list during the weekend, you have to send an email the day before.
-New office point people are Betsy and Frances
5. Book pickup and drop off issues
-Conversation starts with Charlie: someone (Hal) has 100 books for us, but they need to be picked up. Can anyone do this? Write to me (Michele) and I’ll give you the phone  number.
-The conversation continued with the problems associated with becoming a book pickup service. It was concluded that book pickup or having donation boxes is not our priority right now. Maybe soon.
-Also, Zach reminded us that there ~800 books at Hyperallergic in Brooklyn that need to be picked up. Sean will bottomline getting in touch with Hyperallergic and arranging a driver.
6. ALA (American Library Assoc) conference in Dallas, late January. (Betsy)
-RECAP: Betsy was invited to speak, but she worked with them to have 3 people attend. Those people are Betsy, Mandy, and Zach. They will have a panel at 8am on Saturday morning of conference. SHE NEEDS TO KNOW if others are coming, too: Jaime? Danny? 
-Then Scales raised the concern that only professional librarians are going, which doesn’t represent the oWS library. Scales may be interested in going. Frances may be interested in going. Betsy responds that the decision about the three going was consensed upon already, a while ago, and that it was hard to get the ALA to agree to 3. However, if people are going on their own, they need to contact Betsy asap to try to coordinate with ALA (and share costs).
7. The People of Color Working Group are holding the Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism training with Rinku Sen on Wednesday,December 14 at 7PM at Unity Hall 235 West 23rd St, not at the Walker Space as was previously thought. Frances picked up a bunch of copies of Rinku Sen’s book Stir It Up:Lessons in Community Organizing from her office today, and Charlie and Frances packed them in with four cases of books. If anyone heads to SIS before Frances tomorrow morning, the books in the green crates are set aside for this action.

8. Occupy writers/ Jeff Sharlet (Michele)

-Michele sent out a letter to writers and writers’ orgs requesting support in the form of opinion pieces. Jeff Sharlet (from Rolling Stone, Occupy Writers) responded right away, with news about the book OW is working on. He also suggested that he could get a group of writers from OW to draft a statement supporting the library. He wanted some information on how many libraries have been shut down, as well as stats about library closures more generally. Zach said he had some of this info. Michele will send Jeff’s email to the group for response.
-Swapan Basu from Rhyming Poets International spoke about his group and his poem “Revolution,” which was published in the OWS POetry Anthology.
-Stephen B. announced that the OWS POetry Anthology will have its own website soon.
9. Space offer from Nonoppressive Unimperialist Bargain Books (Laura)
-This bookstore at 34 Carmine in the West Village has offered space for the library. Perhaps 24 hour access, could serve as lending library. They are requesting an unpaid intern who would help manage the store.
Discussion: Do we want to have a conversation about whether we want to persue something other than D17? (There seemed to be a general feeling that D17 is the priority this week. -ed); Charlie mentions: bad weather is coming, Indoor=good. Keep it as an emergency space? Zach: have we made contact? Do we know what they’re offering? Laura: Contact came through Justin from media. Guy might want us to help with his place, too (and yes, when she reread the email, he was requesting an “unpaid intern to help manage the store” -ed.)
-(And I think conversation about this ended about there. No notes about who is following up about this. Am I forgetting? -ed)
10. D17 Reoccupation Action! (All hands on deck! -ed)
a. Tent issues were discussed. Sean is bottomlining. Details (of this and other DA components) will be discussed in face-to-face situations this week at SIS.
b. GA proposal: Frances has written a proposal for Tuesday GA requesting $800 to buy bins and other supplies. PLEASE COME TO THE TUES GA 7PM ZUCCOTTI AND SUPPORT HER AND OWSL!
c. Plans this week: GA proposal Tuesday, hopefully then buying supplies Wednesday, and organizing materials and making plans Thursday and Friday at SIS. Frances is bottomlining. Get in touch with Frances for updates!
-Also, there will be a training in nonviolent de-escalation and Nonviolent Communication for 60 people Tuesday at 8pm. (WHere? -ed.) “Peacekeeping soldiers in the park.” (Whoa. -ed)
-There was a cnversation about what books to bring out on Saturday. Good books? What constitutes a good book? Lots of good discussion. We have a lot of pertinent lit in multiple copies. Bring that stuff.
d. ANd a lot of focus is on a legal reoccupation of the Trinity Church owned, and LMCC administered, lot at 6th and Canal. Currently there is a petition on with 12,000 sigs asking Trinity to let the occupiers use the space.
11. Announcements
a. Laura went to a farm! It was great, the family loved it. She wants to bring books up there that are farm-related. 56 acres. The family/others are working on logistics of getting people up there for visits.
b. Jaime will be going to a farm! In the Pioneer Valley of Western Mass that wants to help oWS
c. Frances tells us about DA tomorrow (today) at 7am (yes, it is already over. Sorry! -ed.): 7am at Cube. Goldman Sachs action. Email Jaime for info.

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