OWS Global Justice – shared statement breakout minutes 12/30

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Fri Dec 30;
Visioning/naming mtg

P1:  AJ Musty Memorial; radical grant org, in and around anti-racist allies group; interested in Palistinian solidarity; wants to add working class perspective
P2: Soliya fellow; engages ntwk of grad students in social change; tech, audience, ntwk
P3: was involved in DC occupation; interesting in lending Israeli perspective
P4: from DER list; active with anti-racism allies group
P5: active with Movement Bldg and outreach and direct action
P6: has been active with large group and tear gas subgroup; militarization of local police depts.; active with war resistors league; Iraqi
P7: active in thisgroup; interest in tear gas subgroup
P8: from California, interested in DA
P9: from California, social advocate

3 things:
·      NYCGA name
·      NYCGA blurb
·      External Statement

NYCGA needs:
·      Name – Global Justice Working Group
o   ows_globaljustice@googlegroups.com
o   Evolved from conversations about “Global Democracy Alliance” feeling limited to just discussion of political system
o   Should be recognizable internationally
·      Blurb – Alison is typing the redraft
·      The Global Justice WG aims to build solidarity and coordination between OWS and movements for social justice across borders. We seek to raise public awareness of the impact of U.S. economic and political policies,
domestically and abroad; build relationships with social movements
abroad; and organize direct actions to challenge the prevailing national
and international power structures that put profit above all else. Our goal is to illuminate relations between profit and exploitation in the global system and work toward building a global mass movement for political and economic justice.
·      Can we operationalize and differentiate ourselves from other groups

External Statement about our global analysis:
·      Objectives
·      London statement says these are the values of the movement
o   Global system
o   Democratic system
o   Just system
·      What is the goal of the statement?
o   As an outsider (our friend from CA) – says nycga site is really important and that statements really help outside understand whether to join, meet
o   Will help us internally – agree that we are about certain things, will help us focus as a group


  • This needs to become a global movement; what does it take to create a global movement? What are the strategic ways to make this happen?
  • When we started, we had a 2-prong focus – helping to build a global movement and imbuing Occupy Wall Street with a global sensibility; wants to hear about more than just Glass Steagal, wants to hear occupy conversations about militarization
    • Reach out to the world


o   And educate people in occupy wall street

  • Drawn less as a global movement and addressing war profiteering within the context of occupy and asking what it means to practice solidarity from that point; think through what solidarity looks like
  • Important to build personal connections also; a lot of us have personal connections
  • There were a couple of reasons that the global justice movement collapsed – 9/11 and didn’t draw connections very well; felt like a hodge-podge; the strength of OWS is that it’s narrowing into profit as a key thing that ties it all together
  • There is an elephant in the room; the military infrastructure is the main thing driving profit; they are the main source of the profit right now; extension of domestic police forces; these corporate structures are being informed by how military corporate structures inform them
  • are we trying to make the case that militarism is our focus?  Also, we need to be accountable to other movements globally; what we do here has profound effect on movements globally
  • what’s the us’s role in the global 99%
  • effectiveness – we want to achieve goals concretely; how do we learn from other movements; there are always movements to be led by in other places, not to see the global 99% as a victim of the US
  • how can we be inclusive of issues; maybe refer to US foreign policy and not just militarism; as a citizen, I feel compelled to criticize the US government; as an American
  • having a clear definition of “militarism” on the site, would be important; defining terms clearly
  • heard say “imagined connections” and we’re not the 99% in this group; we are an internationally-connected working group; feels like it would be a big asset to have more voices; having discussions with other movements – actual conversations so we can negotiate what “solidarity” is – focus on dialogue
  • we can think of ourselves as the same community at least, if not the same single movement
  • we can think about how our corporations are invading other countries as much or more than our military; we do more damage economically than militarily; it’s not just America; talking about how we exercise our power and whether that is legitimate; how we can counter that by building community with people in other places; showing that we are part of the same community
  • do we have any self-described “internationally composed” working groups?
  • Issues with aid work
  • Want this group to focus on militarism
  • Want to show that militarism and economic power are both ways and tied
  • One thing we’re talking about is duel power
    • Be clear about what you’re fighting
    • Be clear about what you’re building
  • Direct response; America is a bully; for example, if we tell travelers who are Americans, they have advice if you’re traveling in Europe, to say that you’re from Canada; we’re the bully and also the laughing stock

Major threads:
·      Militarism — define
·      us foreign policy
·      economic
·      insidious aid work
·      solidarity
·      dialogue
·      collaboration
·      more than just a movement; we’re a community to counter
·      internationally composed
·      led by movements in the global south

Suggestion for making a flexible statement; hash out some simple principles of solidarity within the group that clarify our broad analysis and then have some few simple objectives (what do we work on now, have capacity, are committed to working on now), can add to these objectives

We’re going to google doc it

If you edit the doc, make a clear note about your time and edits


  • have GA presence before 1/3 – tear gas teach in
  • present at Sat 1/7


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