OWS Global Justice – MINUTES 01/07/12

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Jan 7, 2012 Global justice meeting
3-5pm 60 Wall


  • Shared fliers – tear gas
  • Statement for sharing – Udi
  • Website plan – Becky
  • UNAC – Udi
  • Decolonize – Shaista
  • Internal Group Policies – Jon

Attendance: 6-14 (meeting began with 6, increased to 14 and decreased again throughout)

Tear Gas – Thurs 1/19

  • Report back
    • No one present can speak definitively about progress on speakers or video
    • Talking points – about the event — Udi shared a draft in a gDoc
    • Space? – potential to take a collection among us; Ezer will call accounting and Shaista
  • What are needs from Tear Gas group for larger group; once the flyer is made
    • Flyering – suggestion to use canvassing team from the office
    • Check out the gDoc talking points
  • By next week: Once the Tear Gas group has some deliverables, please call a coordination meeting to share info

Shared Statement

  • Short statement already consensed on – what is needed for nycga?  Is anything missing? GA approval?
    • Udi drafted
  • Long Statement
    • the purpose is that this will explain more our shared analysis
    • not essential for NYCGA
    • We consense that the draft is not complete
    • Action item – to edit it and make it public as “a living doc”
      • Edit with – changing emphasis
  • ACTION ITEM – this week: work on the doc collectively.  This can be remote — skype/gdoc hangout this week; and people can cluster in physical space
  • Throw up a doodle for this – BECKY

Website Plan

  • everyone is invited to join the web team; you don’t have to know how to make a website to join
  • right now – Becky can implement; wants input from anyone who wants to think about using a website as part of our work; Jeanne will be work together to do this; they are working on continuously, if you’re interested, ping them
  • Proposed process – the web team will send out a proposal with
    • a mock-up of what the site will look like (what the sections will be and what might go in these);
    • a plan for how content can be added/editorial roles can be shared/webmaster roles can be shared
  • popcorn about proposed sections:
    • campaign
    • calendar
    • articles
    • statements
    • videos
    • flyers
    • blog
    • point-counterpoint style
  • consensed: setup a facebook and twitter account; don’t post anything other than this consensed on short statement – BECKY
  • popcorn about roles
    • editorial – rotating group of 3; serving as editors for 2-week periods
    • comments – start with moderated comments; editorial group is responsible for moderating during their 2-week period

UNAC – end of March – Udi

  • PROPOSAL – CONSENSED ON – we will go
  • Ongoing, we will consider who will go
    • considerations we’ll take — Who wants to go?
    • Keep in mind it’s a discussion about movement building and mobilization more than about antiwar perspectives
  • If interested, edit the proposal sent by Leah Bolger; online, sent by UDI already
  • UNAC conference in March; proposed bridging established antiwar movement with Occupy; specifically about connecting groups that are not currently working together; the panel is what is not working – why is Occupy capturing hearts and minds and the antiwar movement was not; how can the 2 movements x-fertilize; it’s a discussion more than a panel – discussion about how organizing tactics are working or not
  • Some discussion about the differences between OWS and more established – UNAC/peace industry; how does a less-establishment movement have diff abilities to act – diff tactics

Decolonize Proposal – Udi

  • proposal is to change the terminology from “Occupy” which is an oppressive concern
  • Shaista sent an email – please see this thread on the group
  • Ezer will get in touch with Shaista


  • Make a google doc or a page with all docs – Becky will send a consolidated list of google docs that have been shared

Internal Group Policies – Jonathan

  • Online Protocols:
    • Google group – Administration: Ownership, Management, Membership
    • Agenda compilation
    • Facilitation
    • Default position on openness
    • Meeting minutes
    • List usage
  • Group structure
    • Work organization
      • how do we do work
      • Bottom lining
  • Broad suggestion – how we work as a team, handle tasks, attract more people
  • Ambience, accountability, respect
    • Human to human – how to treat each other as human beings


  • Google Group Roles: Owner, Manager, Members, Non-Members
      • That we have a rotating set of Owners – every 2-4 weeks, the Owners change
      • If someone becomes an Owner or a Manager, we have an email that is sent to them to explain how to do things like add members
  • Worry that if the owners rotate, it might put the list at risk a bit b/c it’s a big responsibility; preference for fewer owners
  • Only diff btwn owner and manager, is that Owners can make additional Owners and can delete the group;
  • Yes, more support for not rotating OWNERS
      • Rotate management among
      • This will rotate Monthly; we choose managers at a large-group meeting before the start of the coming month; managers nominate themselves at the meeting and the group consenses on their self-nominations; we change the managers at that meeting
    • PROPOSAL Consensed on: The facilitator of the current meeting leads the last point of the current meeting is “AGENDA” – that facilitator writes this down and starts a thread; part of this is WHO IS FACILITATING the next meeting;
      • People can come to meeting and add in person
      • AT the start of the next meeting, the facilitator helps order these items
    • PROPOSALS Consensed on:
      • that we should rotate facilitation
      • that we will choose the facilitator at the end of the current meeting for the next
      • that facilitators have to be through one training
      • EVERYONE encouraged to go to a training so that they can be a facilitator
    • STAYS THE SAME – Anyone who participates in a meeting, we ask for email and we put them on a list and people who come to meetings can add people to the list
    • Goal to GET AS MANY PEOPLE involved in the group as possible; as per NYCGA, all mtgs are open
  • PROPOSALS Consensed on: next week’s facilitator sends email to the outreach list announcing the meeting
    • Why important – temp on list may lead people to stay or leave the group
    • PROPOSALS Consensed on – commitments to list usage:
    • A guiding value behind the following principles is that we can be peaceful without being identical
  • We do not engage in ad hominem attacks; if someone emails, we debate the ideas in the email and do not attack the person
    • We stay on the track of the thread; if we have a new topic to bring in, we start a new thread
    • We are very clear to distinguish between facts and our personal opinion or experience; we start with an “I” statement when sharing personal opinions or experience
    • If we have a strong personal disagreement, we arrange to meet face to face, and welcome third party mediation


  • Healthy debate can be productive
  • Point of information – we cannot compel anyone or enforce, but we can agree on an intention; not mandatory, but an invitation for everyone to conduct ourselves in a specific way; don’t anyone to feel oppressed by these values
  • What we’re working towards is a more peaceful world; we want a diversity of opinions, if we have a homogeneous group; if we cannot be peaceful with one another, we cannot speak for peace; we can be peaceful without being identical;


    • Current practice: person who takes minutes is responsible for emailing this to the group
    • In all other WGs, the person who takes minutes is also responsible for taking this to the NYCGA site
    • PROPOSAL consensed on: Make the subject of the minutes emails “OWS Global Justice – MINUTES MM/DD/YY”
    • PROPOSAL consensed on: Minute taker sends out minutes to the group; gives a 24 hour review period; anyone can amend in that time; minute taker

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