OWS Finance Survey

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The Finance Committee will be using the results of this survey to craft a budget for OWS to be presented to the Spokes Council for approval. The survey can also be filled out online at http://bit.ly/vKjzXD


Working Group Name:







Working Group Person of Contact 1 (Name, Email, Phone):



Working Group Person of Contact 2:



What do you regularly spend money on?




How much do you spend weekly (estimate)?



Do you have recurring costs? How much, how often, on what?




Do you make large, one-off purchases? If yes, please describe



In light of the recent eviction, are there essential items you hope to replace? If yes, please describe




Do you have a financial point person for your group? A person or group of people in charge of tracking spending and documentation

  • Yes
  • No


How do you track spending and do you keep track of receipts?




How do you create accountability within your group?




Do you use internal forms of spreadsheet? If so can you attach copies?

  • Yes
  • No


Notes, Comments, Concerns

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