Our Mission Statement

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This is a work in progress pending consensus of the wg

Our mission as the Fiber Arts working group is to produce art that gives back to the movement and to create and promote media that positively reflects the diverse group of people who comprise Occupy Wall Street.

We do this by producing items that can benefit the people of OWS such as hats, scarves and gloves.  We also participate in an outreach/direct action capacity by being in the park as much as possible and interacting with the general public about what Occupy means to us.  Currently we are also working on creating and selling lines of fashion wear that will generate income and give back to the movement in a self-sustaining fashion.  Our work has been recognized by the media on a global scale in print, television and social mediums and the members of #OWS Fiber Arts have given a hopeful, positive and proactive image to the movement at large. We look to constantly produce, promote and propagate imagery that puts a human, conscious and concerned face on the heart of the movement.

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