OWS Disability Caucus minutes to meeting of April 24, 2012

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OWS Disabilty Caucus
April 24, 2012, 5:30pm, 60 Wall St Atrium

Daniel Robert
Larry Webber
Connie Lesold
Philip Bennett
Mark Treat: Vietnam veteran, was exposed to agent orange
Marla DeFex

We discuss events on April 17, Tax Day: OWS marchers went to IRS office then to James Farley Post Office shouting, “Tax the rich!”  1% say cut services instead.  In front of the P.O. money was stamped with pro-99% messages.  At around 7pm artist and disability rights activist Dustin Grella  protested lack of equal access and services at the P.O. by transferring himself from his manual wheelchair to the sidewalk and, with his tax return gripped in his teeth, used only his arms to climb the 27 granite steps.  The police would not allow Mr. Grella to pull his wheelchair with him or allow anyone else to carry it so he was forced to drag himself along the lobby floor to reach the window, purchase a money order and submit his tax return.  Then he left the building the same way he came in.
Tomorrow, April 25 is the 25th Anniversary of ACT-UP: 11am at City Hall, Broadway & Murray: ACT-UP & Healthcare for the 99% will march to Zaccotti & restage the action they did 25 years ago.  Connie can be at City Hall, but can’t be stay all day.  Sunshine can try.  Mark will do it.
In Washington DC OWS is occupying the Dept. of Justice.
Connie: ADAPT action: 100 w/c users arrested: actor Noah Wyle’s arrest led to news coverage of the event on 1010-WINS radio.
Connie: Legislative awareness Forum: a forum on Kendra’ Law: we must not let it be expanded, we must bottle it in committee.  Mentally ill reluctant to be involved with disability rights because they want to pass as “normal” when outside but involving selves with Disability Caucus takes them out of the closet.  Healthcare for 99% has been helpfull in many areas but not so with disability.  There will be a Town Hall meeting in Bklyn. on healthcare, date to be announced.
There is a bill pending regarding the termination of parental rights of mentally ill parents.
Assisted Outpatient Treatment a waste of money, Daily News editorial published April 19th, Thursday, lied.  We should ask for a meeting with the Daily News.  Each of us should write to Daily News to protest.
Connie: May 5th: cuts in Fire Dept. service: there will be educational walks throughout Bklyn.
The Resource Center 882 3rd Ave.
May 1: we discuss.  We must get the word out.  Use the internet.  Use Street Vendors Project: 646-602-5679 Shawn Matt, James, Bernard or Lae-vy.
Danny: Occupy Core proposal of OWS people voluteering to help each other, particularly PWDs.  Justin likes the idea.  Must wait for proposal to be printed.
I read Daily News editorial aloud.
We adjourn.

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