OWS Archives Minutes 2012-2-19

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Members present: Amy, Anna, Jez

Start time 5:30 pm.


1.Discuss Open Forum

2. Reportback from Anna on digital archives

3. Occupy Philly trip

4. Discussion on Anarchives

1. Discussion on Open Forum:

Anna- The Open Forum was an opportunity to speak specifically about how occupiers can stay more involved with their own collections. Thought that C’s point about not being afraid to make decisions and to “just do it” was important.

Amy- Thought the Open Forum was good because the discussions the working group are having was opened up to the broader OWS community. Felt the forum would have been more productive if it had been less structured and had started off with everyone saying what they thought instead of waiting until the end. Gave those that are more hesitant a chance to voice their opinions.

Anna- Thought the meeting was productive and was glad everyone came.

Jez- We’re not solving the greater concern about “ownership” and addressing  who “owns” the archival materials.

Anna-  Ownership has a different focus than than what this archive is.

Amy- I don’t understand why this is your primary concern. This focus on ownership seems very capitalistic. The archives are for the OWS movement.

Further discussion.

2. Reportback on digital archives

Anna- Been working with V from Global Rev. Going to use Omeka. Originally was against using Omeka because it tends to be better for asset management and short term stewardship rather than long term stewardship. Christine is collecting OWS related material from Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. Will send a link to Amy called “7 Tips for Shooting Video” and the Library of Congress personal archiving tools. Thinks the Activist Archivists will want to stay involved if there is forward momentum from the OWS archives working group. Archivists want to help out with “hands on” stuff. Has an email list for google docs so that any working group can share documents with us. Want to restrict access. Christine was able to get us two hard drives. GH at Internet Archive will put into a harvester any website that is given to them by us. Internet archive has a stable well managed server space. JW  is also working with Anna on digital archives. Will need to come up with file naming conventions.

Amy- What is the best way to involve working groups? Maybe we should we send out emails to all the working groups about sharing their documents with us.

Jez- It’s going to require more than sending out emails to working groups. It will take personal interactions.

Anna- There are several links that I will send you both  about Verne Harris a South African archivist and Labadie which is a political archive like Tamiment at the University of Michigan.

3. Occupy Philly trip

Amy- Is attending the Occutrip in Philadelphia for five days from Tuesday Feb. 21 to Feb 26. Has been contacted by the Ocupy Philly Archives working group which has been newly formed. Is hoping to share resources and tips . Would like Anna to pass on any information about digital archiving to the OP Archives working group since I have no knowledge. Thinks it would be good to create a google group for different archives working groups in different occupations to collaborate and help each other.

Anna- This sounds great. I will send you those links and also the link for Tools for Archiving Occupiers. Maybe a monthly conference call could be arranged for the archives working groups to share cataloging standards, metadata framework and other resources.

4. Anarchives and other proposals by Jez

Jez- is working with the Hemispheric Institute on writing something in their journal about the OWS Archives. The Hemispheric Institute is a consortium on exploring the relationship between expressive culture and politics. Going to explore how complicated and philosophically applicable is horizontalism and direct democracy to the OWS archives. Is also thinking about applying for a grant and wanted to check in with the working group about this.

Anna -You need to be distinctive about whether you’re working on behalf of the working group or just you as an individual. Any grant submitted on behalf of the working group should go through the working group.

Further discussion

Amy- Shouldn’t a grant concerning the OWS Archives have been worked on together?

Anna – This is exploratory.

Jez- Yes, this hasn’t been done yet; it’s something I am thinking about.

Anna- Okay, I’m sorry but I have to go.

Amy- Okay, I guess we’re done.

Agenda completed at approx. 6:45 pm.

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