OWS Archives minutes: 2012.1.15

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members present: Amy, Christine, Anna, Shawn, Jez

wed Jan 18 / thurs jan 19
– Yippie cafe? 9 bleecker st.
cluster meeting
do we need to have 2 fora?
yes maybe worth time to have preliminary forum ; 22nd would follow-up
good to have more meetings, as ongoing discussion for these decisions
who are we inviting to the meeting?  how to we outreach?
– we should be reaching out to work groups
*add OWS photo group to email chain [owsphoto@gmail.com?]
some discussion about whether or not to reach out to other groups
– maybe talk to people who are planning the meeting who should be added or invited to the meeting
– do they mind if we publicize it further? (subject suspended)

open forum on Jan 22
call person from UFT about holding it there
no major actions planned that day
2 pm – ? (at least try reserve it for 3 hours)
do we want to speak? people from Tam? lot of time for open discussion?
seems important to have:
From Archives group
– serious reservations about depositing with Tamiment (shouldn’t be set up as decision to deposit with Tam or not)
– present questions to people about how to think about these questions: options, possibilities,
– no decisions have been made yet
– trying to raise awareness about the Archives in general
Some presentation from Tamiment?

Goals for the meeting:
– would like to see very specific plans about what to do next; research community archives and how to successfully document something
– discuss plans in detail : if it stays here, what does it mean and how does it happen?
– have a feeling that people are going to have a lot of opinions; so we need to guide & structure this discussion in order to get some concrete things out of it: we need to do some research and present some things to structure discussion
– should we meet again to structure discussion of what the meeting will look like; discuss more on listserv (especially if opposed to sending stuff to Tamiment)
– people that think it should go to Tam should present something on it; Anna has done significant research on it & Christine will help present
– Anna wants to see how it can work, a good vision of the Archive

Possible meeting structure
1. Status of the Archives (
– storage
SIS is what we have: it appears to be a fire hazard
work meeting
doesn’t matter what floor is; as long as 4″ off the ground
Library wants to exchange places
Anna wants to do Preservation assessment of SIS space
*contact SIS about meeting to evaluate tomorrow (if open?)
– catalog/general inventory
there is a limited catalog
– material
in garbage bags, on shelf, mostly signs
biggest problems:
heat and light fluctuation
best situation:
inside wall, away from window
*focus on physical archive, since those items are much more contentious
2. Vision
Anarchives inverts
*give agency to the collection
it would
this is an opportunity to
3. Implementation

office has a meeting tomorrow to discuss future of the office
*need to get our material out of there: to SIS?
odds are that the Office may be lost
Department of Buildings was given anonymous tip to do an investigation of
**forum planning meeting – Saturday Jan 21 @ 2-4 pm
do Assessment first; discuss forum structure

budget situation?
didn’t get to propose on Fri
proposal passed for spending freeze; there will be a Financial Assembly to discuss situation
*didn’t pass first time because:
– suggestions to get donations of materials, use other institutions,
– there are many variables in presentation
if budget is ever unfrozen;
*need to have a digital archives budget that is separate
*probably a need for a dark archive
ex. Media group has been subject to raid and data seizure; lots of work on Witness re: data seizure;
ex. former-IRA members oral histories project at Boston College; the transcripts would not be released until individuals died; Northern Irish police are seeking records and Judge has ordered to turn it over b/c of UK-US subpoena
MIAP not interested in receiving high-security materials

digital archives
I. MIAP folks are interested in coming back into the Archives working group meetings
Anna’s working closely with media on file naming convention, feat. 1) date and 2) file descriptions (short phrase description) “BACK UP YOUR SH*T”!
could share their documents or email files to a certain digital archive gmail account, w/ Google docs
*had to start with Google just to get things started
John Wolcyk: Digital Asset Management system: how to bring files in and keep track of them and allow access in the future through discovery system
how will we go forward with drives to deposit/exchange or fill with digital content
if we could get hard drives, that would be excellent.
also money for the Amazon storage space
II. also Internet Archive collaboration:
internet harvesting: graham@archive.org
also a free place to upload video content
III. MIAP group creating best practices & documentation on archiving online video
National conference calls have been going on (nothing to do with paper archives)
– 1 time /month, set up by Howard Besser @ MIAP & Tamiment

Look for community archives
– “activist held archives”
– “community archives”
– other movements who might have archives: feminist, lesbian, squatters, [African-American resources in Chicago?], churches
– Chela (Scott) Weber [Brooklyn Historical Society] might have written paper on her work with a church history

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