Outreach Meeting Minutes 2-13-12

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-The Get Money out of Politics and End Corporate Personhood groups will meet Wednesday, 2/15 at 7:00 PM at 60 Wall Street


-The next Occupy Town Square will be held 2/26 from 11 AM-5 PM in Tompkins Square Park

-We will be handing out flyers to spread information about the Day of Action against the Prison Industrial Complex on Wednesday, 2/15 at 1:00 PM at 60 Wall Street.


Report Backs:


-Sumumba-Friday meeting trying to form a citywide GA on 4/14; Take Back the Bronx speak out had 75-100 people in attendance, wants to discuss making each GA outside of OWS a Working Group

-Sunday at 2:00 PM Occupy Astoria will be meeting

-Lily: Town Square reportback, anyone who wants to get involved should come to the next planning meeting 2/14 @ 8 PM @ 60 Wall Street

-Cara: wants to get people to help her phonebank to reach out to the contacts in the database and get them involved


-Melina:  attended the forum on diversity of tactics, had about 400 people in attendance.  The next forum will be 2/15 from 1-5 at 55 Bethune St.

-Jim:  Saturday’s orientation had 4 people in attendance, it was great.

-Amy:  Project list, email form in to inform people about what projects they are working on and how other people can get involved




Sumumba: Everyone please come to the GA tomorrow, Vision and Goals is trying to get their proposal passed

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