Minutes, Outreach meeting [23 Jan 2012]

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Outreach Minutes 1/23/12


Taken by Mike S.




1)Need to attend Spokes Council, Ravi standing in tonight


Spokes Council schedule for the next week:


Wednesday, J25—Cara

Monday, J30—Apollo

Wednesday, F1—Ronny


2) Meeting Schedules


Jillian proposes to eliminate Saturday meeting

-discussion of break out groups during Monday meetings

-consensus on holding meetings once a week on Monday at 6:30 until further review


  1. Checking Outreach email


Cara, Jillian and Hans are the only ones doing it

Jillian is ok with continuing to check the email


  1. Issues with picking up materials at the office


Materials should be kept at SIS, anyone who wants/needs access should contact Cara or Eli


  1. Help with Tabling in Liberty Plaza


A sign up sheet is passed around for this week, will be passed around during the next meeting for next week


  1. OWS Vision Statement from Vision and Goals


Sumumba asks for us to please review it and be present for the GA on Tuesday


  1. Canvassing


Canvassing Day of Action every Wednesday at 1:00 PM at the Atrium at 60 Wall Street. This Wednesday we will be focusing on Business Outreach, putting “We Support the 99%” posters up in the windows of businesses


We will take pictures of the businesses and put them on a blog


Suggestion that we use GPS, google maps to make a searchable list of businesses that support OWS


Labor Outreach will be discussing a door-knocking campaign January 30th at 8:30 PM


  1. Ending Corporate Personhood


Reportbacks about Friday’s Occupy the Courts events and Saturday’s Tour of Corporations: Events took place in 46 states in 110 cities last weekend.


The NYC GA has concensed on Ending Corporate Personhood


  1. Foreclose on Banks/ Un-Occupy your Bank


Wants to start a campaign where we move money out of the worst banks and into credit unions; write profiles on the people who have been foreclosed on, provide info on where people can move their money to


There will be a meeting Tuesday night at 7:00 PM in Brooklyn, for more info email Rosalie at craigslist_lady@yahoo.com


Suggestion that we go to businesses and get them to move their money


Suggestion that we give info about banks out on the subways


  1. Occupy Town Square


Flyers are handed out, Occupy Town Square will be held Sunday, January 29th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Washington Square Park


  1. Orientation (for new folks)


Sign-up sheet is passed around for people interested in helping run the orientations


The first Orientation will be held this Saturday, January 28th at noon at the Atrium (60 Wall Street)


  1. Attempted financial proposal


Clarification that money is still frozen


  1. Occupy Police


Brief discussion about how to and whether or not to engage with the police


Suggestion that this conversation take place at Think Tank


Suggestion that we have a day or a couple of days where we discuss this


  1. Outreach Cluster Meeting


Outreach Cluster Meeting is for all Working Groups that are doing some kind of Outreach. It will take place this Thursday at 6:30 PM at 60 Broadway on the 16th floor


  1. Facilitation Schedule for next week:


Monday, J30—Ian


Monday, F6—Sumumba


Monday, F13—Hans


  1. Announcements


Hans—Wants to have three day forum on people who have been killed all over the world


Leah—This Saturday at 3:00 PM at the Atrium the Global Justice group will be meeting


Jim—The first week ion March there will be a two day symposium on Alliances without Co-Optation by Police, Labor and Politicians, for more info find Jim’s email on his website at jimlaffertyphotos.com


Mike—There will be a Zeitgeist screening/Q&A this Thursday at Columbia University at 6:30 PM



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